Crawling through the depths off insanity.

Life is in great depths,
And everything of life too,
Much far-er in depth than we know,
The life, spirit, brain and everything.

The modern world,
Doesn’t believe in depths,
Deception and short cuts,
Is the way of life here.

Artists and writers and dancers and musicians,
The insane creatures,
In struggles of escaping the inescapable,
These creatures go in depths, unknowingly.

To feel the blood flowing in your veins,
To hear the heart beat,
To feel blood working its way all the way up to the back of your brain,
To see your body react to the oxygen you inhale.

To feel love in a manner,
As the people in the middle ages did.
To think of life in a mad sanity,
As the philosophers did before time.

To live in this beauty,
Of the nature and the God within us.
To live in the sea of time,
As if the waves would wash the shards of sanity.

But, we creatures born off wings,
Prefer to crawling through the depths off insanity.

-Naba Mehdi

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