Hey Readers,

I am a very positive narcissist, who believes that before you jump to the side of the saints, listen to what the devil has to say; we are in no place to offer labels to anyone.
I am a character. A story, the villain to my saint. I am a lost soul trying to find meaning to this life; and more, some peace from this battle within.

I am a person of odd mind of thought; I have an idea of person that I one day hope to be. That person is, to break suspense, a fictional character. There have been many fictional characters in my life- the ones who have inspired me, motivated me and helped me with their sheer wisdom, eloquence, bravery and courage to face the truth head on. In fact, there is a greater number of fictional characters that has helped me, and a lesser number of actual humans.
From this experience, I have leaned, that there in fact are great people born in this world. We may not know their name or them but they always find a way to reach us. To save our lives.

This is who I am. I want to be able to save lives. I want to save lives. through my words. My storytelling and when needed, to create characters that will crawl into the psychologies of men and whispering into the insides of their ears; the legacies that they are supposed to leave.
This is how I aim to save lives.

Other than that, I am a realist with imagination. I disagree with the ways we have been living our lives. The injustice we harbor towards anyone different- people of different casts and creeds, open-minded liberals and feminists and most importantly, teenagers.

In the end, l fight my battle of my villain and my saint; hoping that when it ends, I can finally emerge.

Happy Reading!

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