Winning over some infinities.


In this life, the path that we walk on, we do so, all alone. We develop relationships and friendships and they touch us in ways, we can’t ever describe but, every so often, there comes a time when everyone leaves and there is nothing that we can do about it. At the end of the day, its only you and your life and how you choose to live it, with its sorrow and happiness. Everything that happens to us, the countless interactions we have in a day and failures and success of our lives, makes us who we are.

In that same path, we also meet people and form acquaintances, sometimes we just meet them once in our lives, and sometimes in this age of technology, we don’t even ever meet them and they still leave an impression that sinks into our souls. They touch our lives, pass on their wisdom; the things they have learned and they just disappear.

Almost a year ago, it happened to me.

In the middle of the night, I was scrolling down on my twitter feed when I came across this tweet, that irked my interest. After an hour of some philosophical conversation, some ancient wisdom was passed down to me.
We spend our lives chasing the big things, the dreams and all, whereas we completely ignore the importance that the little things hold. In our chase to win the big infinities, we forget that is also equally important to win the smaller infinities.

The universe was on my side that specific night. I know this because we were both vulnerable human beings, wearing our hearts on our sleeves, just waiting for someone to see; notice. Luckily enough, someone did notice.

In life, we generally tend to ignore the little things because we think that they don’t matter enough. Because we think that the outcomes of attaining perfection in those little things or doing them the right way, will for certain consume our precious time but also at the same time, the appreciation by the world for those little things will be ‘little’ too. We generally disregard them and focus all our energy on the big things.
This is a practice, very common in our daily lives, and we do these in all situations. For example, I ask someone for their water bottle, they give it to me and I return it without saying thank you. I can’t pick someone’s call because I am too busy and when I call them back, I don’t sorry for not being able to pick up before. My mother lets me stay late out past my curfew tonight and I don’t thank her, even though I know she’ll stay awake till I get back home. These are also the things that help shape a person as humble and kind and I guess, we don’t really practice these because we don’t really want to be known as humble or kind, (or in another word, weak).
Instead, we only say thank you or sorry, in certain situations where what the other person has done is something that falls in the merit of something big.
Similarly, we think about getting through a month or week or the situation. We focus our energy on that, whereas, what is equally important is to get through the next minute or even the second. Wonders can happen in a second. Someone can fall in love in a second. Someone can decide no to be with their partner in a second. Someone can die in a second. That second is a small infinity but there are so many seconds in a day, so many in a week, that when trying to get through all of them, one at the time, the world will not be able to notice or appreciate our efforts and what is the point of doing anything in this life, if the world can’t see, right?

We focus on relationships with partners, friends and family but what about the acquaintances that we make. And what about the people that touch our lives, the people who save us, the people we merely know or are just friends but not great friends or best friends. We let them slide because they don’t matter enough.
(I really believe that we are not even 1% of human beings that we were supposed to be. We don’t even put in the effort to be what we can actually be, the mystic, beautiful beings that we can be with all our faults and scars and the courage to trying again and again, and oh, drunken smile that we all have. We are wasting our lives and we know it but we don’t do anything about it).

We don’t pay enough attention to the smaller infinities and that is our biggest loss. We don’t give them the respect that they deserve and then wonder why is it that we are still miserable. I’ll tell you why? Because we are running on this high to get past the difficulties and getting somewhere, without actually paying attention to how where are going and from where. We say that time flies but it is, in fact, us who are flying in an infinite land. Time walk, slowly, feeling every minute, the moving hands take in every second of its path from 1-2 and 2-3 and so on. It feels the air resistance from the clockwise direction and fights to get to its destination, where it takes a pause, catches it breath and goes on again, feeling it all, slowly; as if walking and enjoying every step it takes; every second of it.

We need to start paying more attention to the small things in our lives. It is imperative because they combined with the big things, things with more volume on the matter scale, both physically and philosophically, creates our lives. These things both, together make us who we are.

Also, in another universe, these little infinities may seem small to us but when we look closely, they will be bigger than we can possibly imagine.
Just look at the sky. What if the sky, is our whole life, and whilst standing on Earth, the stars we see, shinning in all its tinniest might, are only the small infinities we conquer. Do you believe me now? Because to the majority of the world, those stars will always appear as small as they are but to you, you will know to look close to see the energy it took to conquer them.

So pay attention. Pay attention to the details, to the things you do and how you do them. Say thank you when it is merited and sorry, even if it is just for the sake of your internal peace, do it. Don’t be afraid of the world. The world is not that bad of a place; the universe does wear stars on itself, feeling all proud of its people and people do love those stars, knowing and not knowing the story behind them. So win; win over the smaller infinities in your life, win over both the small and the big infinities in your life. Just make sure to put as many stars as you can in your sky because you never know how many lives you’ll inspire by the stars you put out on display tonight.

-Naba Mehdi.

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