It is what it is.

In the latest episode of Sherlock there is this dialogue which both, Sherlock himself and Dr. John Watson have said to each other.

It’s to provide comfort to each other and the advice, to see and face the truth for what it really is.

I have been quite crossed ever since the episode, for what could these five letters possibly mean?

I think, I may finally have an answer.

What is a taboo, we don’t say the specifics about it. We know about the horrors that it holds, we have seen it. We all have been through it. In the darkest part of ourselves, just beneath the epidermis, we know of it’s origin.

Because it makes the blood in our veins cold, because it scares us to a state of shock, we choose not to ever say all that we know about it.

It is as huge as a castle, the most typical of castles. To make an estimate of it’s zenith, to fulfill the eye’s desire, we must look at the sky.                                       And in itself, it holds captive to so many breathtaking emotions.

However, the chemistry is solid. Literally, solid. Not any space in the castle for the emotions to move around.

In all that chaos inside the castle, you were there, right in the middle of it.

Instead of explaining all that to everyone and living it again for this time an audience to critic about, we counter their question to a what?

What? It asked, back.                                      Inside it, the bricks all crumbling to dust, because the what, scared it, to a used coal, in the calmness of the dry, the wind slowly whispering in its ear.

It is what it is.

It, is the body, it resembles, you.               Is, is the soul, that brings life to the sculpture that is, you.

Tabula Rasa; it is when you are living your life. When the Is and the it are both dependant on each other.

It is, like a sponge. Inside the sponge, resides the it.                                                 And the it, always desperate to be of use, always relying on friends, puts, itself through excruciating pain.

It shrinks. Hard pressed.

That is when you find your is, inside the castle, asking it’s-self, what?

That is when life happens.

In those moments, it is dies. To be born again.

Not alone.

What accompanies it, right behind, its very steps.

That is how it always remains, henceforth.

After all, it is what it is.

Black and White year.

This year when the clock struck 12, I did not even flinch in the anticipation of the new year. I was busy in watching a tv season and it was half an hour in when I realized  it was already 2017.

No resolutions. No new me, vows.

This morning, I finally watched my 3 years awaited episode of Sherlock, Naturally, it raced my brain into thinking new and innovative ideas and my deepest desires. I was thinking these all new sorts of ideas and what should I do about the things that I have been putting off.

It has been sometime that I have been thinking about how I want to live my life. What if the society doesn’t approve or if I am wrong. Because frankly, I am 18 and well, sometimes all I want is to use my brain the best I can and be someone, worth being in this life. (Yeah, I know, too young to think about these things.)

However, in the past years, I have seen, rather observed some unsettling things about the real world. Like deep down, you have to worry or be depressed and prepare yourself for the worst but on the frontier you have to pretend like you couldn’t really care. Be cool!
There was this other thing, that you have friends and family and all of them most of the time are claiming to be really supportive in any ambition that you might be growing. Everyone pretends to be too understanding and just shutting the shade of critics from near you but- the reality is, no matter how many people there are surrounding you, you in fact are alone- to face everything. But you can not say this out loud because can’t you see all these people hovering over your shoulders.

All in all, you are alone but don’t say this out loud because then you are negative and unhappy and disappointing and unthankful.

So, I realized while watching Sherlock, this life we have to live alone even with people all around us. We are alone inside our heads. We are alone when we are the monsters.
So, why not just live this life for yourself, making something of it.

This year, I will devote myself to learning and knowledge. Gaining these. Acquiring talents that I always wanted to. Not a month or days of practice, rather a year of practice, Rome wasn’t built in a day and when I am living this life, why not live it with my terms?

As depressing and underrated this world is, we are living. We are the black color bringing the life to this white world. Silently we have to hang ourselves, just how, where and when, we can be in control of.

Hence begins my black and white year!!

-Naba Mehdi.