A hidden sanctuary.

Once upon a time,

There existed a land,

A land echoing of brilliant creatures,
Those creatures, born of an innate sanctuary.

Those people knew it not though,
Of their sacred work place,
For they were worshipping in places of stones and brick,
Yet, within those cranium walls, rotting were their brains.

That land has been divided,
Into amongst Various rulers,
For the thousands of years that it had been reformed,
Kings and presidents had been elected.

The Creatures of this land,
Thought themselves as unique and different,
Kind And selfless, smart and intelligent,
When they were none but ignorant and opposite.

They all prayed to different Gods,
And cursed the other Gods,
Yet, no one realized,
Of the One similar God within them.

They seized to look for God in nature,
when they started placing love in everyone but God,
They would blame the society for Being unfair to them,
Yet, their presence would be felt present in the same society.
They were lazy and selfish and wild and murders,
But all claimed to the victims of all.
All this has had happened,
Because they ignored the sanctuary of their heads.

To them all, all their Gods,
Gave a power hidden In a sanctuary,
They couldn’t see, For it was within them,
Burdening with the weight of what the eyes would see.

That sanctuary was a Magical place,
With the power, to conquer anything and anyone,
The means to find, why had their God sent them to this land,
Always bulging with The aroma,
of feelings and ideas and thoughts,
But because they refused to believe in magic,
They ignored their beautiful sanctuary and the God within them.

-Naba Mehdi.

A hidden sanctuary.

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