A Conduit To Cross

The boy in the picture is my younger brother. He was 5 when this happened. We were all at this hill station. It was like a paradise. All family in one place, relaxing, doing their own things, creating memories.

One of the memory is actually funny. My scared brother who had no idea we were capturing it. We stayed there for 4 days and everyday whenever he had to cross this conduit freckles would appear over his forehead. He would be scared and worried of how will he ever be ale to get pass it. There does not seem a way to skip this route and to attempt to cross it was too difficult for him.

So this is how a 5-year-old faces solves his difficulties independently


This is a conduit he need to cross to evolve in the company of his fellow cousins. something inside it scares him much that he cannot put his feet into it or maybe he is just to much of a hygienic nonetheless stepping into it is not an option and he is not sure whether he can make a jump that big to land him to the other side.


Safety must come first at all costs.


‘No, baji I can’t do it! Don’t you understand, its way to wide. Help me here’
‘Do it yourself.’
He had nearly cried that time.


Mustering up all the courage he had. Heartbeat racing. Fear of falling in. Concentrating into winning, he went for it.


‘I did it. Its over!’
Smile flashing bright on his face. He made it out. Making the trip all the more memorable, he ran to his cousins.

-Naba Mehdi

In Extreme Terror

You don’t really think about these kind of things. Seldom does it cross our mind of what it would be like if suddenly out of nowhere something terrible happens. One minute you are sitting in your own world and the next the ground beneath you shifts and i mean literally.

I missed school yesterday and a few minutes after 2, i was sitting on the ground reading how our brain works, when the ground below me started shaking. I along with the floor were moving sideways. The rumbling of the windows. The rusting of the walls. It took me 2 seconds to realize what was happening.

Those 2 seconds are still in front of me. My windows usually rumble, so i ignored that for a second. In next second I stared at the floor and in that precise moment my eyes deciphered the images in front of it and the neurotransmitters started were on its way to alert my brain of the situation. The 2 seconds over and i knew it was an earthquake.

The ground stopped moving. I thought maybe its over but i couldn’t be sure and i ran to the lounge and there an aunt was crying to God for mercy. I looked at the t.v and it was shaking. I told my brother to run outside, shouted to mum who was on phone to that its an earthquake. The aunt who was an old lady asked me if i would take her outside too. The terror in her eyes was shining, the memories of all the previous mishaps was flashing in her eyes. I made her stand and we took just one step when it flew on it zenith. One hand in her hand with the other i was gripping the sofa. It was worst than the worst headaches. The time it took to get outside was dreadful. Everyone else was outside too. All hoping to live, hoping to survive this misery who wants to eat all.

As it happens. it did stop. After two minutes it came to an end. Everything went still. The ground stopped shaking but the people did not. Children, adult, women and men all were trembling. Fearing it would happen all again. It did not, not with the same intensity at least.

Even after hours of it, the fear did not elope. The shaking of people did not stop. And It lead me to think, of how vulnerable we are. Of how just a little shake can make us realize of how tiny and destructive it. Of how we don’t stand a chance against anything.

The books lying on the ground is also the result of that shaking floor.

-Naba Mehdi

For The Love Of Gulab

On the wintery night in Lahore, when the fun is all about the wedding to take place, the gathers would do all they could to forget their old age and taste the sweetness of youth.

On a rare occasion it might have happen that a white man sets foot in the desi village to taste the desiness of the red chapel wedding. To make the white man believe that their food is the best, the host would go infinite. What a revelation  it would if the white man agrees to it. The joy for the host would ne unimaginable and there won’t be a corner left in the whole of Lahore that the white man have not seen.

As once it might have happen, the white man falls in love. Falls in love with the fat hotty, literally hot I mean. It then becomes the fact that her power of seducing is the greatest of all. It comes as no surprise to the host when they figure out that their witty is now a brownie.

Even the whitty didn’t know what hit him, it is not easy to fall in love with the Queen of Sweets. The whitty unknown with the name of the Queen he was praising. After inquired,  the curse lifts and the secret is revealed that the person behind all the seducing is Gulab Jaman’the Queen of the sweets.

On  a foggy night, the white man driven in love, sits in his igloo, when the gathers decides to put him out of his misery and unite him with the round Queen of sweets. And that is the starts of a great Love story, about the hunt of the unknown land of Queen, in the dark, damp street of Lahore.

The people trying to unite the two lovers, set in the task of fitting themselves, squeezed not giving up. It is often said that all is fair in love and war and who would dare give up on the love of sweet.

With so much faith in themselves to complete the love story no one realizes that like in all other love stories, things don’t go that smoothly. All of them decides to give up on their fear and settles themselves under the heavenly constructions that would make their way to the desired quick. Yeh, you got it right, A Car, but if there are so many people and not enough space in the car, well that’s how Pakistanis handle things. somehow working their magic in the spirit of uniting two lovers they could do anything.

Sets on the journey going to the lonely place of Lahore at the time of night when everyone tends to sleep. Visiting the place they think they would most likely find their Queen jaman. But the little Queen knows how to play, knows how to drive the man in love crazy. Not being found in the places the uniters think they would most likely find. Breaking the rule for the sake of love and roaming around the old colorful streets of Lahore which the generation of today would scarcely visit.

Love comes not that easy and when the limits of the white man have gone beyond redemption. He loses hope and surrends to go home and grief. But Pakistanis don’t tend to give up. Trying for a one last time they go to the land far away in hope of retrieving the one they crave.

And it so happens that the craved Queen decides to be found. The two lovers unite with the a little help. The white man enjoys his beloved Gulab Jaman.

-Naba Mehdi

Of To The Other Side

You see the picture? I want you to really look at it and keep it in mind for what I am about to say. It’s a beautiful picture isn’t it? It’s mind-blowing. I’ve been to this place and did my best to capture it. A path of water flowing between the paths of rocks.

All in a beautiful place. Everything perfect and in place. The air and the silent and peace, almost as heaven on Earth.

Now I want you to go to the depths of your imagination and think of the running water as the Homo sapiens. Those who breathe air in and out. The Humans. Take the rocks also as humans but only those who don’t live with us anymore, the hard shells buried beneath us, those who when hit us hurt us in places we can’t possibly imagine.

Life isn’t really solid, it keeps changing making it water that flows no matter what towards it destination. Death is solid, rocks are what we become when we are dead.

Now the water is running from south to north with pressure at some point and calmly at others. For a time being think of this picture as Earth with its inhabitants.

Now for those who are not familiar with the movie the book of life, the concept there is that once we are dead there are two worlds we departure to. Those who are remembered after their deaths make it to the land of remembered and those who have no one who’d remember them over their death are thrown into the land of forgotten. I am also going to use this concept only bending it a little. The rocks on the dry side are the dead souls forgotten over period of time. The one in the stream of water are praised souls whose loved one remember them by taking from their experience and example. For detailing, the bigger the size of rock the bigger a human they were. Also those who are have in and out of water are the infamous of us, who most people know.

We, people keep on flowing in the direction of water, fleeing with difficulties but all in uniformity. No one dare fall out of uniformity, it does make you look good and strong. I stand at one side of scarcely allowing myself to dream the dreams of walking the stream from east to west instead of south to north. Standing out takes courage and a lot of thinking, planning and that’s what I do. I am opposing the majority which if I fail may lead in my termination.

After some time in mind palace, I step in. The pressure and waves are low-lying, for people on the edges are just insomniacs trying to fit in and miserably failing. I move on, step by step, baby steps, displacing but finding my courage, passing all the bodyguards towards the authority in the middle with the power. Almost every second i gave up but touching the rocks beneath me for balance and example from their lives. The lessons they died teaching us. I make it to the middle where the water is flowing with pressure making it almost impossible for me to cross, splashing me with magnetic fields towards its direction. It’s hard now. Like hitting one of those points in life when everything comes crashing down on you, when it’s almost impossible to make out of it alive. The live reasons of depressions, the life ‘problems’, the real life. This is what I thought while standing in those chains of water pulling me towards them. That what if this is real life, all this in my surrounding. About how life and society makes you bend at their will and make you do what they want you do what their limited brains go to the limit of achieving and don’t let you do what you want to do, don’t let you break the uniformity. I thought this is real life and they were stopping me from doing what I want to do with peer pressure and blackmail and emotions and if I couldn’t cross this small water and then maybe I can’t really face lie and all that it has to offer and I pulled myself forwards, breaking free of the chains, facing problems right on head and before I knew I made it! I solved a life problem, standing in the middle of it and making my way through it from there.

The smile I had once I was on the other side was beautiful and wide I could feel it embarking in of me. The peace of breaking out of the uniformity and exploring something new. I made to a new world, a raw one but a new place nonetheless.

It was something no one knew about and I didn’t care. You don’t tell everyone how you make life into something new.

It is just the beginning, I know  more had yet to come. Bigger streams with more everything, water and rocks and pressure but for that precise moment, I had it easy, I was a free bird with wings spread out ready to rejoice in the victory.

What I did next?
Took the flight and had peace of mind

-Naba Mehdi