Why fictional characters are more plausible?

Why fictional characters are more plausible?

To get that, let’s clear this first, why do we watch movies or seasons? I believe, we in desperate measures are looking for people who go through the same thing as we go through, the same problems. When we don’t find them in people around us and even if we do, we don’t see the solution in detail of them so we turn to movies and seasons and create ever lasting bonds.

Those bonds are more powerful than people can anticipate. They have too many feelings and emotions and encouragement involved in them. Those bonds become saviour.

Doctor Derek shepherd from the American tv show Grey’s anatomy, is the man I want to be when I grow up. That professional and perfectionist. That great at what I do. All around the house I have this statement writen, on the walls and cupboards and doors, bathroom, everywhere, you name it, I miss Derek. My whatsapp status says it too. And I can’t seem to change my status for the past year because I feel like cheating on him.

It is more powerful than this. This bonds that gets created. No one has the capacity to understand this.

This becomes a source for us, a force of motivation and inspiration. We start living with them. We want their life styles. Them.

It is because they show understanding among themselves. They show love and family. Their whole lives are in front of us. They are something in their lives. Their lives have meanings. They have goals. We all want that. We all dig that.

So, we watch movies and grow feelings. Feelings for people we start living with, in our minds. And we grow motivation, to get off our asses and do something and be someone. Someone great. We do not want to settle for ordinary then because our ideals, our fictional ideals do not and will not settle for it. Neither would they want us to, because they love us, they care for us, about us.
They become the sunshine that we look for around us in our real lives.

And most importantly, they are stories. Life changing, beautiful stories.  Stories that are written by people driven and crazy as us.  Writers that are trying to escape their realities.
Some of those writers manage to create characters that change the whole course, those characters safes some lives.

Even a fraction of someone’s life saved, is worth all the fiction and love and writing.

Derek Shepherd, have saved my life many a times. I want to be like them. I want to save lives, too.

It is a beautiful day to save some lives, people. Let’s have some fun!

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