In Extreme Terror

You don’t really think about these kind of things. Seldom does it cross our mind of what it would be like if suddenly out of nowhere something terrible happens. One minute you are sitting in your own world and the next the ground beneath you shifts and i mean literally.

I missed school yesterday and a few minutes after 2, i was sitting on the ground reading how our brain works, when the ground below me started shaking. I along with the floor were moving sideways. The rumbling of the windows. The rusting of the walls. It took me 2 seconds to realize what was happening.

Those 2 seconds are still in front of me. My windows usually rumble, so i ignored that for a second. In next second I stared at the floor and in that precise moment my eyes deciphered the images in front of it and the neurotransmitters started were on its way to alert my brain of the situation. The 2 seconds over and i knew it was an earthquake.

The ground stopped moving. I thought maybe its over but i couldn’t be sure and i ran to the lounge and there an aunt was crying to God for mercy. I looked at the t.v and it was shaking. I told my brother to run outside, shouted to mum who was on phone to that its an earthquake. The aunt who was an old lady asked me if i would take her outside too. The terror in her eyes was shining, the memories of all the previous mishaps was flashing in her eyes. I made her stand and we took just one step when it flew on it zenith. One hand in her hand with the other i was gripping the sofa. It was worst than the worst headaches. The time it took to get outside was dreadful. Everyone else was outside too. All hoping to live, hoping to survive this misery who wants to eat all.

As it happens. it did stop. After two minutes it came to an end. Everything went still. The ground stopped shaking but the people did not. Children, adult, women and men all were trembling. Fearing it would happen all again. It did not, not with the same intensity at least.

Even after hours of it, the fear did not elope. The shaking of people did not stop. And It lead me to think, of how vulnerable we are. Of how just a little shake can make us realize of how tiny and destructive it. Of how we don’t stand a chance against anything.

The books lying on the ground is also the result of that shaking floor.

-Naba Mehdi

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