A Conduit To Cross

The boy in the picture is my younger brother. He was 5 when this happened. We were all at this hill station. It was like a paradise. All family in one place, relaxing, doing their own things, creating memories.

One of the memory is actually funny. My scared brother who had no idea we were capturing it. We stayed there for 4 days and everyday whenever he had to cross this conduit freckles would appear over his forehead. He would be scared and worried of how will he ever be ale to get pass it. There does not seem a way to skip this route and to attempt to cross it was too difficult for him.

So this is how a 5-year-old faces solves his difficulties independently


This is a conduit he need to cross to evolve in the company of his fellow cousins. something inside it scares him much that he cannot put his feet into it or maybe he is just to much of a hygienic nonetheless stepping into it is not an option and he is not sure whether he can make a jump that big to land him to the other side.


Safety must come first at all costs.


‘No, baji I can’t do it! Don’t you understand, its way to wide. Help me here’
‘Do it yourself.’
He had nearly cried that time.


Mustering up all the courage he had. Heartbeat racing. Fear of falling in. Concentrating into winning, he went for it.


‘I did it. Its over!’
Smile flashing bright on his face. He made it out. Making the trip all the more memorable, he ran to his cousins.

-Naba Mehdi

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