Some shortcomings.

I have a problem with all most all the ways we govern this life. The way we act and do stuff. Our habits and our way of life. I think we are living life in the most wrong way possible.

One of the major issue with us is when something becomes really mainstream, we start to not acknowledge it. We do it still, but we act as if it does not exist. This goes on about everything. One of many errors with the human nature.
I think why we do is because, all of us want to be different. The topic can entertain certain conflicts among ourselves. And we believe the issue is insolvable.
So, why bother? Why not just keep on doing it, without talking about it.

We have done this we depression. We act as if no one has it except us. No one can understand it.
We have done this with power.

These are just vague words. They can mean nothing. We can all act as if we have not read them, but deep down, we know we are governed by these words.

Power is a very intricate issue. We all want power. The power to rule. If we have power, we can make anyone bend according to our wills. Or so we believe.
The white people want power over the black. They believe their color already gives them power.
The black people demand freedom, but they are really asking for power over the other.
The Asians want power.
The poor want power.
The children want power.
The Parents demand power.
The Politicians demand power.

Each and everyone of the human being alive on this planet, believe it is their right to have power over the other.
You and anyone who is reading or anyone who will hear this above sentence will discard it, justifying to himself, that he is not like that. He does not want power.

I have a question. Why does anyone think it is their right to have power over someone else?
The world has really become a big game of power. Everyone’s running after it. Everyone believe that to have freedom is to have power over the people whom he himself judges to be on a lower level  of life than him.

What is power really?
Power is authority over someone else. Someone who is not our equal in all standards of life.
If you are elder than someone, than that does not qualify you to have power. If you are richer than someone or prettier than someone. If your color is white or if you go to an elite school.
We ourselves become the judges of over whom we can have power over.

Power will conquer us nothing. If we stop running after it so hard, only then will we realize this hard truth. Only then we still stop caring about what the other is doing and think for our own selves. Only then will we try to use our brains to its full capabilities.

In our daily lives, daily routine, you ask your sibling to pick up the dishes, and they either ignore you or say no. You become ignited because your command is being ignored. You raise your voice and give it another go. It might work or it might not.

If it does, you become confirmed that with your power also needs to come force or it to apply.
If it does not work, you resent that person. You start believing, you are not getting the respect you deserve. It is bad for your reputation. You are worthy of more respect than this.

Why are you worthy of more respect?
What have you done to earn it?

This is only a very small example of power in action. There are far bigger and wider examples on very high levels too.

But they are all exceedingly baseless. You get nothing by it.
Having the power of something does not under any circumstances gives you any right to respect.

I wish, we’d just understand this.
We are wasting our lives and perfectly good brains.
But it is hopeless. We are hopeless.

Human beings, us people, we are as ignorant and arrogant as we can ever be.

-Naba Mehdi

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