Because you know.

Because you know.

You run a race with a million,
To come out in this world,
Those millions Becomes a family,
And that race becomes a journey.

If you win the race,
You live alone for the next some months,
In that time, you relinquish the memories,
With a smile for having a good Time and surviving.

You belong to a family,
And you choose a new one,
The friends that You love, become a family too,
You make some memories and move on To the next family.

You meet your best friend, and your boyfriend,
Who can also turn into your husband,
You make memories,
That makes you smile in those dark corners of your head.

You enter this world alone,
You die alone,
You live alone too,
In the midst of your subconscious mind.

Your friends look for everlasting partners,
But you know you are smart,
You don’t look for that one to have all the memories with,
Rather, you try to make memories with everyone along the road,
Because you know you are smart,
Because you know you are alone,
Because you know you don’t fear it,
Because you know,

You know you have the memories of those shared journeys,
To keep you company on the journey to find yourself.

-Naba Mehdi.

Because you know.


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