How to leave people, when you meet them.

The thing about good sentences, those with a flow of emotions running along with the words, are something that can haunt a person forever. And that haunting usually leads two ways, one; it can either make a person or two; break a person. As a writer-in-being, there always is a lot of pressure to create a sentence like that- with legacies of all the sadness and happiness and everything in between, consumed between themselves.

Every so often, it happens that I read sentences, which are carefully assembled so that the flow of emotions is just as smooth and striking, as it is in a sky of an arrow, silently yet accurately hitting the target.

In early March, I remember reading this sentence as  I was scrolling down my Instagram, in the everyday hustle of my life. My world was revolving in its routine. The events of my story that day were exactly as they were the day before, or before that encompassing the whole week. It had been the same thing on my typewriter, recording the events, when suddenly the typewriter didn’t go back to the seeping sounds of students overtaking the cafeteria, in my university. It was just as my mind let my heart register the words that I just read. Only then did I realize that the world around me, or rather just the cafeteria had stopped. The chirping of the influx of students had stopped and there was only the tinnnnnnnnnng of my typewriter, on hold, waiting to bear witness to the moment, my story takes a turn?

As soon as the words registered, I took a screenshot and disregarded the thought. Just like that, the typewriter began writing what it had written yesterday, and the chattering of students filled my ears again.

Little did I know. The screenshot I had taken, was in philosophical terms, my heart memorizing those assimilation of words.

”Always leave people better than you found them.”

The world today is at its worst, taking note of its history and this is mainly so because of the people. Just earlier today, I read a fact that even with 200,000 people being born per day, human being today feel more alone that they ever did. My theory for this is simple. These are barren lands, and unfamiliar territories, we do not know how to deal with things that we are faced with in everyday life and maybe this was the case in the times before us, but they did not live in this advanced world of technology, where we are slowly learning not to trust anyone, not even our partners.

Trust. This is a word, foreign these days. Everywhere you look, there is sadness and distrust; and to survive in such a world is very difficult. However, something which is more difficult is to be a good person, in a world full of bad people.

Even with everything happening around me, with as many encounters with people, who leave behind their scars in their wake, I will from this day onwards, will make sure to leave behind a people, in their better self, then they were when I found them. It doesn’t matter, if I meet someone for bare five minutes in total, I will still instill in them something that wasn’t there.

Now some may argue with me that we can’t possibly do that. I mean, do we have the power in us to create an impact on someone, whom we don’t even know?
I believe, Yes, we have that much energy in us. These beautiful hands and feet that we all have, each beautiful in its own way, will help us in creating actions, and take us where we need to let those actions happen.

”Hug the Hurts.’

And so continues my quote, sunk into my mind, like ink into my heart.

There is a picture going about on the internet, of what it looks like on the inside when two people hug. Or we can go about the picture that we draw of a heart. ♥
Realistically speaking, our beating hearts look much like the broken heart, and it is only when we join two hearts together, do we form what looks like our hearts. What can be more beautiful than that? Putting two pieces of hearts together and making them one; healing all the gaps in between and then pulling apart to a whole new.

All of us are hurt in a way. We have pain inside of our hearts, flowing through our body as that hot red blood. Wouldn’t things be so much easier if only we would hug each other and be there when needed?

Hugs are magical. Hugs are symbolic. 
So many times, I’ve been hugged by people that matter; upfront hugs, full on hugs and even side hugs and each and every one of them reaches the heart. It like hugs pass on energy from one person to the other, so that the latter can fight whatever needed to fight, with that extra energy; and then that extra energy flows back to Earth.

”Kiss the broken.”

Throw a plate and it breaks and then tries to piece it back together with some glue, won’t happen, right? Fortunately, we are not as fragile as a plate; when needed, even the most fragile will surprise you. Since all of us are broken in different places because I know I am, from most places, we can all help each other piece each other together.
If we could, we could kiss ourselves back anew, but because we can’t, we need each other. Its like, with every kiss, the two pieces, which had been dislocated from each other, travel a short distance towards each other. And with every kiss, we become one; the lingering aftertaste, the zillion droplets left.

”Befriend the lost.”

Too many people all the time are sometimes overwhelming, even if they are friends. Over the course of my life, I have had many friends, some were my family and some best friends and some mere friends and out of those hundred friends, now there are only two. Often times, we don’t talk for months and make new friends, with whom we grow together; and then fall apart.

That is the ugly truth. Some people can’t make friends and some can. Thus, how about those who can, befriends those who can’t, so that the former can find their lost parts?

We are all lost. I am too. Right this moment, I am standing at the starting line of this labyrinth in which I have to find myself. And the only reason that I am standing here is that of this one friend of mine, my oldest friend, the one that I trust the most, pushed me, unknowingly. The only thing he did, was there; he knew me from before and he while we were talking this weekend, he showed me who I could be, without even knowing me. And now I can find myself.

There is nothing more simple than that and nothing more beautiful.

”Love the lonely.”

Most of us, we love because we want to be loved. Because I am broken and I am lost and even lonely, I have decided to love because people, who are too and from most of them, I don’t get that love back. And it’s okay. I love them and they are struggling right now and because I know them and I understand them, I am loving them when they need me too. Yes, I would be happy, if I have their love but I am satisfied right now.

You shouldn’t love everyone like this. The ones that were talking about are my family and my close friends. They deserve it, even if I don’t deserve theirs. And I am loving them because I want to not because they asked me.

This does not make my selfless or mother Theresa. I am loving them because it’s my selfish need to love them.

With so many of us in this world, even if we all start loving even 5 people from our lives, like this, I don’t think as many people would be lonely as they are these days.


So beautiful, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it is as difficult as it sounds. Leaving an impact on people when you yourself need that or hugging someone when you need to be hugged or kissing someone when all you need is only a kiss yourself or making friends when you want people to befriend you and most importantly, loving someone without getting it in return; hurts like all of it combined. But that is the point, I am trying to make.

You, you can do it. You can bear this hurt and you have this love in your heart that you can give out and still love yourself. You can survive all this, it’s just that the other person can’t. And even in the end if you have nothing left; you will have this feeling, the most beautiful of all, the one you have running in your mind right now.

Smile, because you can do and I can do it; aren’t we the same, I who needs it all and I who will give it all?

-Naba Mehdi

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