Gulping down that fear.

In the middle of it all,
she stood her ground,
at an unpaved pavement
with the breaths of people; passing her by.
Hustling, jumbling and grumbling,
shoulder to shoulder, they crossed her by,
as she stood her ground,
hidden in the stones of her Earth.
Her heart was heavy with labels,
her mind was breaking her sanity with fear,
her shoulder down, with the weight of who she was,
she hid herself in the chaos of people.
She knew it wasn’t meant to be,
her mind insisted, she had to flee,
breaking away from the chain of people.
she had to create her destiny.
taking the sour gulp, of the fears she had,
she appeared in the world with the aura of her being,
And on she ventured in the realms of insane uncertainty,
till the day, her mark on this world, will be marked with her death.

-Naba M.

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