The Three Musketeers.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”” 
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

A unspoken truth about this life is, you have to meet people; get acquainted with them, make memories and than move on as if nothing ever happened. No matter the pain, you have no choice but to move on because the world is moving on as we speak and if you don’t, at this very moment; you’ll be the only one left behind. Hence, you have to no choice but to start running again, even with tears brimming at the edge of your eyes, as you look back at the person you are leaving behind. The truth of the matter is, even that person is not staying there, it is just a part of them, that’ll soon vanish into dust; because they too are moving on.

I think that is that is where I have been stuck for the past two years; the moving on part. Every time I try to, the voice in my head starts shaking it’s head and close to my ears whispers only these few words, that are enough to wake up my ever conscious conscience.
The words are something close to this, ”All the time, all the memories you made, they’ll go to waste if you move on now.”

This goes out to my friends, who turned into my best friends into the beginning years of my High School.

We had been friends for the past 3-4 years and we were friends with almost all the class. I was friends with the back banchers while they were friends with the toppers, hence we covered the whole class room but for most of the time it was just the three of us.

She was like the twin sister I had lost in a carnival. We resembled that much; not physically, I mean, it did help that she was just as tall as me but no, she was like a twin sister, who pretty much had the same interests and hobbies as me. It was as close as it could ever get.
We began our friendship by drooling over, Bradley James.

We together, began writing her diary. It was chemistry period, when she pulled this notebook and announced that she intended to write her diary, right there.  That is what we did. We made sentence after sentence and wrote a whole page. After a week I bought my own diary.
Together, we became Sherlock. Standing by the window, we overlooked at the whole class and deduced what they were thinking at the minute.
We jumped through windows and wrote whole novels in our minds.
We would watch movies and Tv series and discuss them all day long.
We would read novels hidden under our school books.
There hasn’t been a weird thing we haven’t talked about.

This girl was boyish yet a perfect girl. She was jumpy and weird when she wanted to be. She ate like a maniac and every time, she ate some chips, she would lick her fingers. In the last two years, every time, I have eaten any sort of chips, I would lick my fingers in her honor.
She was gutsy and a badass. Together we have kicked asses of numerous boys all over our school. She was the one my boyfriend had to be ware of and because he wasn’t, she would roast every chance she got.

She would have done anything for me and this doesn’t even begin to describe her but it’s time to move on. As painful as it is that we don’t even talk anymore, I am very glad of the fact that I knew her and called her my best friend once. I will always remember her.

This other girl I have known for the course of 12 years of my life. I first met in grade one and we didn’t begin with much of a good start. Over the course of many years, we became best friends and broke it up. I have always been the one to initiate fights and she always fought back.
Nonetheless, as different we were from each other, we always found our way back.

The best about her was that she would always be there for all of us, listening to us bicker, without uttering a word and we would go on for hours and no matter the hours she would listen.
She has seen me at my everything. My best and my worst; most importantly, she was there for me under all circumstances.
Obviously, she was the good-doer of our group. She would advice us not to go around messing with people and when we refuse to do as she say, she would join us, regardless of her fear of the authority.

She has been there for the past 12 years and her being there made all the difference.

The two of them together have been heaven. In times of need, we were each other Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang; Arthur and Merlin; Sherlock and Watson; Nathan and Lucas; Derek and Mark; Joey and Chandler; Barney and Ted. Together, Hadia, Aimen and Naba were everything and every second of their story is worth every second spent.

It is high probability that none of us will ever meet again and that is moving on. Sulking, we all have to move on; maybe is how it was supposed to be. All of us a had a part to play in each other lives and we did.

I hope the memories we made are enough to get us all trough forever.

-Naba M.

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