The man, in hour of need.

No matter what the people around us say about peace, the truth is; the world is on the verge of chaos. The examples are starring at our face point blank:
And the thousands around the world that are dying due to hunger or fatal diseases or poverty or, and abuse and violence.

It is save to say that our world is still in a state of war even if no one like to admit it. In this time of upheaval, we are in desperate need of people who preach nothing but peace and kindness.


Fortunately, for me I met one of these preachers in a book launch some months ago. If you look at him, he is just another human being like the rest of us but the saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover- is very much applicable in this scenario.

Imad ud din, the unsung hero of Pakistan, hailing from a very underprivileged village Teri, far away in district Karak of KPK, Pakistan. With his aims always gigantic and philanthropy flooding in his blood from a very tender age, he served himself to serve the mankind in anyway possible.


Currently, he is a poet, social activist, analyst blogger and nearly at the end of  his Masters in English Literature, from the city of Islamabad. Imad had always has been eager to become a leader, a change maker to serve the nation and to get something new along with providing exposure to the youth and masses, not only on local or national level rather on global level from a very tender age of 17 . For his higher studies, when he shifted to Peshawar due to lack of good educational institutions in his town at the age of 16, he pondered over the social annex economic shortcomings in the society, because of which people suffered each passing day. Keeping this in view he started a youth led volunteering social welfare organization and became a social and peace activist. And ever since with passing day he tried to fetch a positive change in society and his surroundings.

This was the time when boys of his age were busy in X-Boxes, indoor and outdoor games like football and cricket while he apart from his studies was indulged into how to serve the poor, underprivileged kids and orphans. How to motivate the youth and bring and speak on peace narratives. With the passage of time, he became a student activist, debater, writer, blogger and political and strategic analyst on local and national level and a motivational speaker, motivating and inspiring young students in the best possible way. Acknowledging them their inner grooves.


An entrepreneur running his own youth led non-profitable organization with the Name of Charaagh Youth Consortium working chiefly on individual and social empowerment. Starting from child sector comprising orphans special children and street children, and extending his devotion to youth development, carried different projects in different cities of Pakistan, mentoring more than 2000 young people.


Imad has been working on youth political advocacy and arranged conferences providing them with an insight to policy making and strategic development by highlighting major issues of Pakistan and international community. Besides, he has also organized different cultural events to promote cultural and ethical diversity. Till date, Imad has worked on some 35 projects leading from child development and education, to youth development, education, political and strategic advocacy.

His main focus has so far been extended to:

1. Empowering Street Children (Life Skills & Education).
2. Addressing Mental Health Issues & Developing Life Skills with Adolescents.
3. Prevailing peace in nation through Rallies and conferences.
4. Insight to Governance & Citizenship.
5. National policies, required amendments in education , economic and security issues.
6. Bringing youth in action during disasters the nation face.





And his journey is only at its beginning. His goals and aims are only expanding as is his reach and courage to help those who need it. When I asked him, why he did it all, he only had a humble reply, ”I am here to serve mankind and serve I shall.’

Needless to say, this young man has inspired me and those around me. I introduced him to my young cousin and he is erupting with passion to follow into the heels of Imad.

This man is exactly what we need, what our generation and nation needs. He can and is a leader who can lead the world into the glimpses of a harmonious, just and prosperous world. His idea, will make wonders happen. And as they say, once an idea is born, it can never be destroyed.


-Naba M.

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