Here comes the millennial generation; considered by some as good for nothing. It may be true but then it might be the most wrong thing you’ll be hearing today.

There are many barriers standing in our ways. There are many stereotypes and taboos that we need to break before we can really do what we aspire to.
Hence, leading it to a on-going battle that exhausts us to doing anything else. Yet, there are people or rather, young adults, boy and girls, who are doing everything they can to make this a more just and equal society.

Mind you, the equality, I am here referring into isn’t equality for feminism. It’s not about man and women. Rather, what I am talking about is men and men.

There is this line, this invisible equator between rich and the poor. Black, Brown and White.
I am not here to discuss corruption or our governments looting us and us; the innocent people doing the best we can to make our ends meet. It is some bullshit lines we feed ourselves to crawl out of our holes of guilt.

Because, in a more practical world, there are people who have found ways to practically help those, that need it. They are just some, youngsters, putting, internet- Facebook and their smart phones to good uses.

I went to a event yesterday where we were to spend time with the under-privileged children. It was a illuminating experience.
There I met other people who are doing what they can to bring about a change in this society.

The effort always counts.

However, there is a group of people who have initiated an app called CharitySharity.
In this app, whenever you visit a restaurant, all you need to do is make a check-in, which you do anyway at Facebook, and your check-in will let you donate 10 rupees to a foundation of your choosing.

An easy way to become a philanthropist, ain’t it?

We are all eating out every other day and then we all check-in on our facebooks to mock our friends who are missing out. Lets start checking on this app from now on, maybe that will help us find our souls.

Steps on how to find our souls.

  1. Download the CharitySharity app from play store.
  2. Check-in it, the next time you are on run from your mom’s food.
  3. Do it again and again and again, until you are sure there is no hope for you!

Here is the facebook page of the app:

-Naba Mehdi

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