Happy Moments. 

Happily ever after. 

I have seen people live for this. The aim in most of people’s life is to attain some kind of place of peace where they will live life in a peaceful manner and with happiness surrounding them, whatever that is supposed to mean. 

We see happiness as a place that we will one day reach when we have lived our lives of difficulties and hurdles and most importantly, we will live in that place of happiness when we have survived our lives.                                                                     

This concept seems a little more like after death. After death, our lives are without any difficulties. Maybe that is how we will be happy. Maybe death is how we will be happy but we seem to be so afraid of dying which results in conclusion that we are all maybe afraid of that eternal happiness that we are all aiming our lives at. 

My experience contradicts this theory. I found my happiness. 

My moments of happiness lasts only 10 seconds but it is a supreme level of happiness that is trapped. And every time I watch that video, I again feel that same intensity of emotions that I felt when I was living them or when I rewatch that video anytime. 

I feel happiness radiating, because it is a homey feeling. The videos feels like home. I am holding my niece. My sister is behind me. My brother is making his video. And all around it is a feeling of utter calmness and high intensified love. 

Before and after, in and out of those 19 seconds, all the hurdles and difficulties remains the same. But happiness in those moments over powers any other emotion that Maybe riding inside. 

This is what happiness feels like. This is what happiness is. Not a place you reach that will last forever, rather moments in between everything that makes immortality lasts forever. 

And happiness is a powerful feeling. The most powerful feeling of all. A feeling that will ride any other emotion to bay. It is such a powerful feeling that will numb everything and anything else. 

In the limited life that we spend on this Earth, there are several magnificent moments that touch us in our pursuits of happiness. It is those moments that are happiness. And it is somewhat our duty to always remember and cherish them while we are in pursuit of the answer that we were born to solve. 

The video attached is my 10 seconds happiness. 

-Naba Mehdi.

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