Its okay being selfish.

There are certain assembling of words, a pair of phrases that comes as music to our ears. Words that we regard as nothing, have that impact when we hear them and all the while, we are impatient and eager to apply their victory in our own lives.

But what happens, when the time is upon us to try it, most of us, most of the time, lack the courage to just do it what we in our hearts want to do.

An easy example with which we are all quite familiar; just be yourself.

These are only three words. Simple three words that we hear so much and just simply too hard to apply.

What is being yourself? And why is it so hard?

I believe, being yourself is when you open a passage of your heart that leads to your brain. When you give yourself the power to choose as to satisfy your desire and needs.

And often times when you are in need to make a decision, all you do is take a walk on that passage that only you know of and in those moments, you find the answer that leads to shaping of who you are.

Being yourself does not necessarily mean that you become heartless and put yourself over and above to every one else as does the common believe says, rather people who are not afraid to be themselves are those who love other people just as much as those who are not themselves because of the fear of hurting those they love; the only difference that stands there is that the people who brace their selves develop into the ability of building for themselves a life that consists outside of the immediate circle of society, relations and feelings and expands into the wonders this world has to offer and they also tap into their own abilites and creates often times wonders of themselves.

The human life along with all its functions is a wonder of the highest magnitude;  it is our duty to live it to its potential.
We don’t because we have much to fear and much to lose.
We are in fear of losing our families and friends because we live in this concept that they will or might not like us if we drop off this masquerade that we are wearing and show them out naked selves.
Here is my argument; if they can not accept us as who we really are and we lose them in the face of our courage, were they ever ours to begin with because all our countenance and bonding’s were a result of a fake personality.

Most of us, in order not to lose those we love, lose ourselves and that is the worst loss of all because how are we to love others when we are not there to begin with?
All the losses in this life are to be feared because some people are too precious to us but the one loss that is to be feared above all is that loss of ourselves.

This philosophy indeed renders that we become selfish.
And so thee shalt.

It is no sin to be selfish. It is true that we must always do that which will be of help to others but this flesh, and blood and all the meat in there, in ourselves needs food too.
The selfless acts will provide with the food but for only so long. In the end, in the hour of sickness, a child only needs it mother.
And so our body and our mind, also demands and defends that we do that which is of benefit to us.

If one really wants to be themselves, they will have to be selfish. This will come with labeling and dislike from society but that is what society does. It shelters those who are selfish from their hearts and destroys those, who are in pursuit of pure hearts and must cross selfish passages to attain that.

To build that passage between heart and mind and to see and feel us walk on that passage, we must be able to do some selfish deeds. And when you are yourself, what wonders will be born from your hands.

It is a crime to please others wearing any mask that is not ours. It is a violation of our rights.
It is indeed a blessing to have people to love but love is a religion in itself and this scared feeling never would ask a person to sacrifice a misled offering in hopes of peace and happiness that will last only for sometime.
Instead, it always aspires people to do create a peace that will last forever.
We, people of this dictator society, understand only the meaning which provides us with an excuse to not do something.
When we are denying our rights, we do so because we are doing it for those we love. That is not love. Love is a ocean that gives water to those on either side of it. What we do in name of our love only provides water to anyone on one side of it and that too is never us.
When a person experiences love, quite some things are happening.
The person who declares himself in love. gives out love to his lover. Giving out love means to do things which would bring happiness to the lover. It is an exercie that makes life comfortable to one being loved.
So what benefit does one gets from giving out love?
The person giving out love, in himself experiences happiness and peace within himself. The love a person is giving out has an equal recoil.
This is what love is; that you are loving yourself whilst loving others.

This is not what we feel when we are not being ourselves. That is not the same love. It is fear; a fear to stand up to those we are supposed to love.
And fear always holds us back.

It is only a fear of acceptance. because we as a society will never accept anyone who will not follow the same thought pattern as we do. All of us refuse to accept so many people everyday ourselves that now we are quite familiar with what will happen.

But there is something we know about fear so well.
Fears are never to be harbored rather they are to be beaten and pushed past.

When a person is himself, he or she is then able to feel the air that he had never been able to do before. Being our self grants us with abilities to be able to see the world as a beautiful place it is, it helps us to understand ourselves and each other more accurately and this eliminates errors such as miscommunication and misunderstandings.
We in our truest selves are able to do the things that we fear the most.
We are winners when we are ourselves, because we push past the invisible boundaries that keeps us from our greatness.

And in the end,
What was man; if not selfish
And what a pity it was
to live in fear of losing everything,
he lost himself, along with the fear of it all.


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