Wedding Bells.

My family is different from our families of our society and we have always been proud of that. We are different in our values of family and our relationships with each other. In my family, I have too many brothers and too many sisters. This is because all of us cousins are just brothers and sisters. We grew up that way. 

Two months ago, one of my brothers got married. I have been waiting for him to get married for as long as I can remember. And the Wedding was definitely worth the wait. 

A week before the wedding, everyone started coming. My sister from America, who also happen to have my amazing niece, came two days after I went to Lahore. 

And I was at the airport picking her up and my 2 years old niece, who had never met before, just came into my arms, swiftly. 

Here is how it all happened! 

We stayed up for the next 3 hours because she wanted to play with her khala (mother’s sister) and mamu (mother’s brother). 

The dance practices everyday from 6pm to 11pm. In the middle you can see my white brother who danced on all the desi songs. 

Right after the breakfast for some 25 people, it’s decoration time because it’s a wedding house and so it should look like one too. 

The family dinners from different uncles because it’s a wedding and everyday should be celebrated. 

Day one of official functions.

Some birthdays between the wedding. 

Nikkah. The ceremony where you sign the papers and say I do. I do. I do. 

This picture was taken at 6 in the morning because it was an early morning function at a mosque. 

The ride.

Because he is the eldest brother! 

Because I like to stay in the company of my brothers. 

This is an old tradition, when the bride and the groom had not met before, after their Nikkah, they would see each other for the first time though this mirror.  

With groom. But she was already a sisier. 

As I said, I have a very big family. 

The next function. 

Mehndi. The boys side visits the girls side, and there is only food and music. 

The three Sisters. 

We are the same clothes sisters. 

The mamu, is always the innocent person in the family. 

The final function. 

Because someone has to wear money their neck. 

The iPad uncle. 

The only thing this guy knows is how to dance. 

Rukhsati. Heading home now. 

Say thanks to God for such a pretty bride. 

Because she’s hungry.

But things don’t end there. They continue, the next day. 

And then we will all lay here in the room and sleep. 

Because re-do. 

What I wouldn’t do for my niece. 

Let’s get out of the house!

Let’s go home now. 

One has gone home and are having breakfast for one. 

-Naba Mehdi. 

2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells.

  1. That is amazing.
    Weddings have a such an warm atmosphere making everything sound like a dream song or movie.

    Thanks for sharing your story and let us into the world of Wedding!

    Liked by 1 person

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