Midnight snacks.

All night owls are foodies at four in the morning. Since it is 4 in the morning, here in Pakistan right now my cravings for my final meal of the day have kicked in. 

Midnight snacks are usually junk food or fast food stuff and as it happened today I was short of both. I debated in my head whether to sleep on an unfulfilled-craving stomach or to make some ends meet and find something to eat.

Not much of a genuis when you guess It, I chose the latter. 

And my midnight snack for today, turned to be ‘alu gosht’. 

Alu (potatoes) gosht (meat).                         It is a liquid sorbet sort full of spices and meat and potatoes. 

But it heaven to eat. 

When you eat it with a bread, it is an accurate intense point of perfection where all the spices meet and bring out the best possible flavor that they could conjure. It is a taste of water elevated, to the point where it burns your throat. It is a pinch of sweetness to a mouthful flavor of rainbow that you just cage in your mouh and at every bite you become Remy from ratatoulie and you want to take as much time as possible to let the essence of humbleness last in your mouth! 

Sometimes midnight snacks are just desi. 

-Naba Mehdi. 

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