Suit up! 

The door behind her closed and there she was exposed to the vile world. The air sprinted at her face, ghastly and she became a victim to all her choices. 

Even before, in arranging this oblivious act to happen, she had wondered and questioned to the deepest realms of her mind, as to, was it worth it?      

And often another time, she had found this rhythmic charades stuck in her head, on repeat, having this melodious synchronizing tune. 

A girl dressed up as never seen before,     those eyes looked down at her, as never seen before. 

As the thoughts grew louder and wilder she calmed herself, in reassurance, she was not the first one to play the act for the audience of the clouds looking down at us but then soon a raven would come, contradicting the contrary believe, because the primitive audience is joined by a new brethren, who bring with them not flowers to applaud the actors but rather soft arrows, dark as the color of the eye, shooting from the top of the faces.

But the door behind her now is shut, the command is already into action.                  

The rebellion had begun; from a girl trying to win over the world as a boy, she took the first step, the first of many steps, she swam into the oceans of her dreams and desires and when at the Zeus of the water, they presented her the crown of the queenship, she looked them in the eye; her own blazing with fire that would ablaze the whole ocean, she told them, she swam all this way for the kingship and she would like them to call her as the ‘rebel king. 

After the closed door, at her first step she focused on gasping of the world inside of her. 

On the second step however, she was bound to hear the gasping of the world outside of her. 

But not so quick, because the road ahead of her was big, and the gasping sound can not prevail to such loudness, but the same can not be said for the faces drained too jammed to send messages to the brain for appropriate emotions displayed on the face. 

But before that, before anything, right now in this moment, she had to walk. 

Her feets trembling, her eyes not bearing look up. A calm voice from heaven whispered, stay confident. And she shifted her weight to her left and held onto the arm. 

The arm and the man who had given her the courage that she needed. The man who told her that the king should be dressed up in a suit.

And as he did, she followed his suit. 

Grabbing onto that arm, she made her way and with the help of her brother, he swept away when she slept into her comfort zone. 

She made her way across, seeking for people who supported her rights of kingship. 

And there she found here. Another person, who would perhaps never enter her kingdom, but even in those moments, that smile and open arms of applaud left their mark, that can never be washed over in any ocean, in any sea. 

And thus the king got in her suit, moved around here and there. 

The words of wisdom raining down on her, and in that rain, she stood in between her two brothers; one who made everything possible and the other who always told her that she would win the rebellion, but she needed to be in her heart a rebel first.

The new king in the suit was calm, because she knew she had two brothers, who had different but experiences of their own, as the kings in suits.                    

And she knew she could forver take advice from the experienced gentleman, on how to rule a kingdom, whilst wearing a suit?

The rain poured down, some of it said,     ‘Stand as if the whole world is beneath  you, tell them that you are their king, it  is one of the rules to being king in a  suit.’ 

And some of it said, 

‘Remember, hand in the left pocket and  no smiling.’

‘Aye aye!’ The younger two nodded. 

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