Brave Animal.

What makes animals better than us?
Many things.

Most importantly, their will to do anything to survive, their fearless nature and the sheer power to do hard work.

Recently, I have been trying to do all the things I think of doing. I am telling you they are so hard to do.
An active imagination is amazing but the need to make that imagination come true and ability to not stutter in the name of hard work. That is a admirable quality, one that I don’t have yet.

In a way, animals lead a difficult life. They are always at risk of being back stabbed and most of them are also hunted from the front.
There is this constant danger residing in their hearts, to become the food of predator.

Because, each of the animal is a prey to some predator.

Imagine living like that, in the forever fear. Us humans, we’d give up everything and lose hope if we had to live this way.

Another thing is that their whole survival depends on doing real HARD work.
One that they can’t take break from or leave to the other day, that is only our luxury.
Most day, most animals fail to have their fruit of hard work.
Do they give up hope and go depressed.

The next day, they begin again. With same level of dedication.

They are not afraid to live their lives. They don’t question them, they live them, the way they deem fit.

Some warriors die in the end, but not of hopelessness rather, bravery they show in the lives that they live.

The concept with us is to call ourselves warriors and survivors. To sooth ourselves that even if we are not doing anything, we are doing something, which is by the way nothing.

Question yourself, are you really a warrior? A survivor?

What have you done to survive? How did you get by through all that hard work?

Yeah, we all love fictional imagination.

But they are people too, who like animals, do what every hard work to survive the day.
Those men are real warriors. They know the cost of lives we are living.

Don’t call yourself a survivor until you really have survived the storm.

The problem is, there is an animal in us all, we put all our working energy to ignore that animal.

You could have been a wolf, had you let its spirit consume you and who knows, you could have taught it from right to wrong.

Everything is possible in fictional imagination and fictional imagination is very much possible in real life.

Brave Animal.

-Naba Mehdi.

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