Deceptive alone-ness.

In movies they sometimes show this evolution inspired by some heart break or some words of discouragement said by someone.

That motivation that is felt can move mountains.

I have always found those motivation very moving but as soon as the episode or the movie ends, all that motivation ends with it.

At first I vowed to myself to make some movies that would show the elapse of that motivation.
I may still, but it will be after some years

A famous quotation is,’ we come in this world alone and die alone, we owe it to ourselves to find some company in between.’
The quote is something like this.

For us, humans, we never want to ever have to encounter this word, alone.
It scares the crap out of us.
How on earth would we survive alone.

So in vague attempts we always seek company of someone.

I believe, in this world, we are truly alone. Yes, we have friends and family. We talk to them, have precious memories with them but when minutes rather seconds before sleeping. Is there someone with you? Sharing with you, your thoughts?

No, no one seems to be there.

It gets a little frizzy.
We do not want to be alone, because hiding in the comforts of feelings, it’s very easy.

I am going to distract from the topic and explain the phenomenon of feelings and emotions.

I did a course some months ago, it was about the subjective mind and I was fairly surprised to find that all of the actions surrounding us in our normal day lives, every of those actions are a result of feelings and emotions.

They have more control over us than we’d like to admit.
There are some basic humans feelings, love, loss, fear, betrayal.
The most powerful of all is love.
The need to be appreciated and understood.
We all in this world, die for these comfortable sensations.
The feeling of not wanting to miss someone. The feeling of wanting to fight for yourself but now wanting to hurt the one you love.

Let me ask, in a relationship or a marriage, are we living the life of this love, to the mere and full extent?
Are we open to our partner, is the family we build or are born into truly is the definition of family?

We are not supposed to ask these questions, because they are very skeptic.

We have altered the concept of love and family.
We believe that we are in company of family. When in fact we are all alone.
We are not true or honest with them. There is a constant fear of being betrayed and back-stabbed that haunts in the shadows of us all.
How do you call that trust or family?

In our heads we have this confusion and mess and packed boxes that we have not yet opened. All because we are too busy trying to convince ourselves that we are not alone.
So, you see we are alone. We were manufactured that way and all our beliefs and emotions are always in motion to outstrip this contemporary instinct of the alone-ness.

No matter how much we try and not believe this evil of a truth, we still are, alone, fighting and dwelling in our own companies.

Life is sadistic and all but accompanied by nothing but problems that keeps one down at all moments.

Some grotesque moments of joy and happiness does not necessarily mean that the revelations of all that haunts us lifted instead it would rather suggest the heartily desires to put away all those problems for as long as possible.
After those prosperous moments everything returns whether we like it or not.

The old saying goes, time heals all wounds. People really change. People can end someone’s loneliness. Life becomes forever happy.

Not a devils, but rather your desperate disguise.

Interestingly, even when we know all these things, these hard facts, this constant hardwood goes against all the unequivocal believes that we have.
We still relinquish on the idea of someone, wanting someone to end our agony.
And when we fail to find them, then that begins a whole new level of utter disappointment settled by none other than our own precious desperate self.

As I say these words, write them down, I don’t believe in them whole heartedly.
I have spent nearly 3 minutes of your time, fabricating in your mind these wild truths, but even as I write them, I want nothing more than to just have someone and tell them all these things.

We are doomed beyond the devil in disguise.

There is nothing wrong in the concept of someone and love.
But I ask you, do you love yourself with the same passion you want someone to love you.

I believe, you are your biggest enemy but also your true family.

Why can’t, we ever be enough for ourselves?
Why don’t we crave ourselves?

That is, what’s wrong!
The need to be dependent on someone. The desire not to take charge. To deny the existence of alone-ness.

Are you not truly alone? Even with all your family and boyfriends and husbands and wife’s.

I know, your secret, you are alone.

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