The rightful king.

It Is believed that there hides a monster in us all. Demons that ride us. There are some self of us that we have not let anyone see.

Those monster and demons doesn’t lets you do anything. They make you the villain of everyone’s stories.

In a land, same as this, there existed a girl. She was once pure. Her true self.
For that, she was often called a monster, feeling less.

One day, in some state she let herself go and became this new person.

A person everyone wanted. She gave her all. She loved everyone as if they were the last one that she could love. On and on it went, until one day, some years ago, she sitting on her desk realized, that the pain she did not feel was because too many people had hurt her and she had done everything in her power to stop from feeling those tedious betrayals.

All those people, to whom she gave her everything, each and everyone of them did their part in betraying her in the most unimaginable of ways.
And she, the little innocent villain, in her love, instead of feeling those betrayals and forming some ways of revenge and hatred, chose to not feel them, so she could keep on living them all people.

Startled by the reflection of what she saw in the mirror, a face, a strangers face, someone she could not recognize. The eyes that starred back were dark and only have away of further darkness to come.

She knew She had lost her self, someone she was. And now only darkness remained, one that wanted to swallow her whole.

She knew what she had to do, she needed to be in control. She had to be the villain everyone everyone deemed her to be.

But, that was not an easy choice. With it came, a far more difficult sacrifice. She had to give away her so called family.
A difficult decision, yet she decided.
In the woods, she confronted to the darkness that stood before her.

‘I shall be in control, in return I will find you the true self you lost,’

‘it is only fair, m’lady.’ Called a voice from the dark space before her.

‘I more thing,’ she began, ‘I shall be your king, not queen.’

Though, she could not see but she could feel the darkness smiling in awe of her.
Mustering up all the courage she had, she entered into this world of her own creation. There were these people, people she could finally trust. People she could easily love. There was no doubt of their loyalty to her.

She was finally with her family, the family she desired.

With their help, she set on the darkness to uncover what this darkness really was and why was it there, in her land, trying to take her throne.

The people honored and loved their King.

So, naturally they were bent on helping their King find the freedom, she wanted.

Guided to the mountains of all that has been repressed. She found all her darkest and deepest secrets there.

The memories she thought she never had.

The sinful ideas, she thought she had buried deep beneath every thing.

Lost in the her founding, the darkness came on behind her, there is stood, touching her, allowing her to feel all that was lost, and in one zoomed in view, the king finally saw the piece she had lost, long ago.

Her, true own self.

Her true self, which had leader her to the path of want has always been hers.

Returning back to her castle, she now ruled in peace and joy.

Not only that, one she had control, her kingdom, expanded to the extents where the imagination could only take. She had everything, every control of every body.

She was the right full king.

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