Happy independence India and Pakistan!

The spirit of independence.
Since August 1, till today and mind me, it will end today at 12, like nothing took place. The Pakistanis will be in deep praise of their country.
They don’t let us forget it, our curriculum of how we became in power of this piece of land of sub continent.
In the mid 1800 when some leaders believed the Muslims were having a hard time living with the Hindus. This spite rose from where, no one knows.
British as always came to India as a trading company and set its ground to rule. They ruled but soon the Hindus and Muslims combined seized to overthrow them. The attempt was in vain but soon afterwards, British rulers gave all their power to the Hindus and Muslims started resenting everyone not of their religion.

Before any of this happened, Hindus and Muslims used to live as brothers and sisters. The Hindus celebrated Eid and Muslims celebrated Diwali. No one could have guessed them to be any different from each other.
Slowly everything went ballistic, no one could tolerate anyone anymore. In their hearts, they still loved each other but the society of then forbid them to acknowledge each other.
The Hindus killed Muslims, but the Muslims also killed Hindus. Both lives were lost.
It happened and happened and happened and then one day, my great grandfather came to my grandmother and her mother, took the money their hands could keep, 2 clothes for each and they ran out of their homes.
Only this easily, this all happened. She came across the border, to Pakistan and a new life for her started. A better life or worse, we can’t judge. Had she stayed there, things wouldn’t be much different, I would still maybe born, and instead of today, I’d be writing this tomorrow, celebrating not Pakistan’s but India’s independence.
The Mughals were Muslims too, but they were real kings and rulers, who did not dwell on the religion but Rather to rule.
It all started from their. Because they were Muslims, the Muslims believed that the sub continent even after their fall, should be in their hands. As a legacy to be passed on.

To look at India and Pakistan, after 69 years of independence.
Pakistan these day is not fighting India but still the fight is on going and there has been more casualties than in 1947.
India is not better, over population, hunger, poverty. Much like Pakistan.
Did the separation really was a good move? Had both the Pakistan and India be in better shapes? These are questions, we are not allowed to ask.
The answer is to turn a blind eye, and believe that India is nothing but the biggest enemy. And by no reasoning they can ever be as good and pure as compared to we are.
My family relatives living in India, who are Muslims, rejoice their country. They believe they could have lived in a better country than India.

14 August, a day celebrated as independence day. But in reality, Pakistan indeed got its independence on 15. The same as India.

Pakistan is an Islamic state, but more than that, it is a piece of land, that is to be always inhibited by people, irrespective of their religion or believes.
But it is not to neglect that Pakistanis do not treat non-Muslims justly. Asiya Bibi is shamefully an example of such torment.
Yet, in full ignorance, we will today, celebrate our beloved Pakistan’s independence. Fireworks and the young spirits will be our of bounds today.
Lets hope, the feuds of the two brothers, who once had nothing but love for each other, will one day end and may we be independent of the hatred that possess us.
And that will be the happy independence day, Pakistan!

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