Being stubborn.

Being stubborn.

They say to be stubborn is a wrong trait. I Don’t believe with them.
Being stubborn is standing for what You believe in. Being stubborn is to fight or heart’s desire.

I don’t know think that is in anyway wrong.

This is how this deceptive world works, to Condemn all that holds meaning. And us, little fools, we always fall for this trap.

Stay stubborn.

Be stubborn.

Fight in the name of your own self. Distinguish the line between humanity and slaying yourself and stand Stubbornly in that line fighting for honor of those poor souls yet all the same never let harm come to you.

Only now have I realized the importance of self. The hunt and craving for self.
I know The world Scares you. I know you know what to do but the fear has deep roots.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Close your eyes, Imagine yourself in your Safe place. The guardian you put there is telling you the same.
Stay stubborn. Tell the world to shove it.

-Naba Mehdi

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