Ever Elusive Carpe Diem.

You wake up and start your day. Not from where you left it before the previous night. It is simply not possible no matter how much people try to convince you that it is. You always start new.

The feelings from the previous night. The surrounding and the perfect positions, the attitude, motivation, inspiration, it’s all gone. Submerged into the oblivion. You can’t take all this to sleep with you and wake up the next morning, with it still embracing you.

A breath in. A breath out. Carpet diem, she whispers to herself, looking at her own reflection in the mirror, while brushing her teethes.

Breakfast. Some chat with family or neighbors. Getting on with the busy day. The job that helps you affords everything you own.

That is usually the start of our days. The job. Or school, because you need an education to get a job.

The dreams and hope and goals all slipping in the elusive abyss.

What is that we are doing with our lives? Is this what we want? Is money the answer to all? You get an education to have a job that will provide you money.

Money, for food, clothes, bills, accessories, electronics.

Is this carpe diem?

The elusive carpe diem slipping in the grasps of mortality. Because you are mortal. You will die. Is your carpe diem aging with you?


You are thinking about it. Don’t!

Yes, this is your carpe diem. Wherever you are, whatever job you have or grades you have. You have achieved that by seizing your day.

This is a people’s trick. Confuse you. Get you distracted. This is how they lower your morals about yourself. 

When in the morning you looked at your reflection whispering your carpe diem, you were smiling. You were happy at what you became. You rejoiced in all that you have accomplished.

No one has any idea of this life. What to do with it. Everyone is fueled on hunches’ instinct. Everyone is a gambler here. And the prize everyone is looking for isn’t the prize at all.

The real prize is elusive. Just like your carpe diem. A sudden moment of all the motivation and the perfect inspiration, that’s it. Make the most of it. Seize your day, before it elapses. That is your prize.

The moment of joy and the laugh, that is the prize. The accomplishments of your goals and dreams are the prize, because it will fall again. You will not feel this amazing feeling again. Not anytime soon, anyway.

You can’t always be happy. You can’t win your gamble forever. You are a gambler, when you win; you try another one because you want more. It’s your nature.

Life is a novel of short stories.

And your carpe diem is elusive because the day might end before you completely seize it. Before you complete the task.

Your Carpe diem is ever elusive. Beat it. Seize it before it really eludes.

-Naba Mehdi.

Ever Elusive Carpe Diem.

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