Some Precious Moments.

There come moments in a not so good and depressing day when you are reading a book for just lying and going around the social media sites and all of a sudden, you read some reference of a some book, it’s author or any character that you have absolutely been in love with.

You read it and you can’t help feeling that great sense of achievement and joy because you know something, You can understand something that is of your world and none other can get it. You smile for mere seconds and then you stop – being aware of your actions. You look around to see if anyone saw you smiling. No?  a pang of relief drops by accompanied by sadness, You wish someone would just understand this without you having to explain it to them. You stop for you are weird and if anyone were to see you laughing at yourself, what would they be saying?
So you stop laughing. However, still you feel an indispensible feeling rupturing your heart. A joyous art illuminating from the very heart of your heart.

That feeling, of being a little literate, of knowing something in this big wide world, it is enough to make your day.

The feeling doesn’t go away for an hour at max. You have it playing in your head, the joy, the good vibes. All in there. In your head. You are left with no choice but you enjoy that feeling alone. You make peace with it, with being alone and you stay there, calm, appreciating your own company, yourself. It is like seeing yourself after a long time. Meeting a friend after a long time, you see them and see how good and successful they have been. What a good personality they have.
You see yourself for the first time in years. You see how beautiful you are and how you don’t need anyone because you have yourself.

That is how you rejoice your solitude. Because only you understood that reference, you understood yourself. You were there for yourself in those moments. You were the man; you look for in the world.

You can and may sound crazy to the world in those moments and they might talk – accuse you of anything. Let them. They do not understand the importance of those moments. Those few moments are still self-meditatingly important.

That is important for you. The real love you get for fictional beings made your hour, some really worthwhile.

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