To entertain all ideas.

The brain is a rare specimen. It is rare in the sense of its complicated and mystic methods of working.
Without it, a person is dead. No one is anything without it. All that we are, begins and end with it.

It is only through my brain’s power that I am writing this. There are artists, writers, poets, philosophers all around the world; they are what they are because their brains work that way.
People say, some people are special, that some people have special brains. I don’t think that is how it works. Whoever or whatever made us, gave us all, the same brain. All the Christians and Muslims and White and Black all have the same brain. We just activate different portions that allow us to be who we are.
It is that simple.

The brain is an objective being. There comes, the subjective being, the mind. The voices in the head, the noisiness, the disturbance, the aliveness, it is all through the mind.
Now, the mind works in a rather formidable way. It is like a child. An unborn child. It needs to be tamed and to be taken control of.

From what I have experienced, you can make your mind do anything you want. You can make it go to extends far beyond imagination. You can create voices and people and houses, and you can live in and with them.

You can have a secret garden of your own. Your very own escape place, where you are only happy.

The problem is, we are all scared of ourselves and our powers. Fear is deep rooted in us all. We fear not only others but ourselves too. We fear our brains.

That is how our brain controls us. It creates doubts and critism and sometimes it wins, because we become vulnerable and helpless and sad. It is not against us, it is just playing with us because it has been vacant and not appreciated. We all know how that feels. Like a naught being, it just plays with us and we take it seriously.

And because of this fear, we do not let ourselves experience the vivid imaginations. There is so much deep buried inside our brains that we do not let skimmer to the surface because we have no control over our feelings. We believe ourselves not to act rational at all times and unfortunately, we cannot control this action. We cannot think in between those moments of irrationality to stop ourselves.

If you love someone, whether you are with them or not, why not let your mind wander to the possibility in details of this happy carnation.
If you want to murder someone, why not in your head do it with every detail and then with your imaginary friends, why not celebrate that victory. Why not let yourself feel the guilt? There is no harm coming to anyone through it. It is just you making your time a little worthwhile.

The above examples are only the basic idea of what I am saying. My point ponders to a far wider array of imagination.

The idea in our heads comes in this way.
You are doing something, you are reading a book and suddenly in the midst of your head, you can feel some collected dots of an ambiguous idea that you can produce something of. It is like a dark and a thunderstorm night and somewhere in the world, you can feel it might rain. You can’t touch that idea, yet. It is like the indication of the clouds and wind, that there might be rain. You don’t know for sure, whether it will rain or not. There is a possibility though.

The mind presents those dots because; we have to fulfill our unrequited needs ourselves, without our knowing. We do in fact love ourselves even if we are not aware of it. So the mind vaguely, as a bygone, presents the idea, we feel it and then we catch it. Then the mind, presents the whole of its presentation, all the bulletins it had.
The interesting thing is, the mind does not represent the whole idea at first, because of our anger management issues. We certainly can bite, its ass of it does.

So why not entertain all ideas. Why be scared?
Imagine if the coffee were to spill at your important papers.
The house was to catch fire.
You were to say no to someone who loves you.

There is no fun in blocking our ideas and thoughts.
Yes, so you have thoughts about everything. The kind of thoughts that’ll put you in a heap of trouble. No, noone knows, not until you tell them.

Cherish your mind and your powers. Let not fear the thought of entertaining all thoughts.

-Naba Mehdi.

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