To be an Owl.

There is this need of ours for others to express their feelings for us,
They do,
And What do we Do then,
We reply to them in the shortest words we can conjure up, as if they expressed their feelings because they owed something to us.
You tell someone you like something of theirs or something about them, they’ll reply with a half smile and a thank you. But also they will feel obliged to say something equally nice to you in return too.

I do not know why this is. Why people feel so powerful at feelings.

The interesting thing is none of us actually understand feelings. Not even our own. We have no idea about the power and everything they process.
In true, the thought process and everything that happens in our minds begin with some feelings.
All the rush and voices we experience all day, that darkness or brightness, that something above your eyes, that all takes place because, unconsciously we conjure up some repressed feeling and then all day long the inside of our brains run like a fish market just to provide some justification and comfort to that feeling.
Feelings are so much more than this.
Our soul companion.

This is our ignorance again, that we do not understand these feelings but yet, we speak words.
Why do we have to talk?
I guess because this is mainstream. Like, you have to talk. You can’t sit around and not talk. Everyone’s doing it and so you have to too.
We don’t talk to express ourselves. That is a wide justification. We are told to talk to express ourselves.
But seriously, when does you ever do that?
We talk and tell our sad tales in twisted words and the listener should have to understand the meaning of those words, because if he does not then he don’t care.

Maybe this is why owls like to keep quiet I guess.

Because talking  only creates such problems. I don’t get it. Why do we do it?

Why do we create such problems in the name of feelings.

Absurd. Pathetic.

And for that.
I’d like to be an owl.

Because feelings can be scary. We are all so vulnerable, that in a room of two people, one would definitely have their feelings hurt in the end.

Why are we so vulnerable?
Why are we so hostile?
Why do we need to be understood, rather than to understand.


-Naba Mehdi.

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