Harassment is an unjust issue almost in all parts of the world. Girls who suffer through the hands of this hypocrisy also suffer an unbearable trauma.

I have a friend who also had some same experience. She still has trauma because her criminal still lives in her house. He visits and this time he is here for a month. She feels like getting her story out.

Two years ago, she told, I was lying on my bed and suddenly he came and touched me and pushed me down. At first I did not understand what was happening. He did it for almost 10 minutes and had a smile on his face. He was pushing down my breast. And he stopped and went away.
After it had stopped I realized what he had he been doing. I kept silent. I stayed there and my mind was exploding. I don’t know what was happening to me then.
The next day, I vowed to avoid him. At about midday my mum called me and said that he is calling you in your room. Scared, I went. He talked to me about the books in my room and advised me to study this and that.
When I was about to leave he caught me from behind and pressed again and this time he asked, ‘Can I do what I did Yesterday?’ I shook my head and he did it anyway. He did it and murmured in my ear, ‘You are the best daughter.’ And kissed me on my cheek and let me go.

I did not tell anyone and got over it somehow. I told a friend and he urged me to tell my parents but I had my reasons.

Every year from when I was a kid, he and all his family come to my place for summer. His wife and his children. They live on our foods and beds. My father prefers them to his own blood.

The previous year he came again and while was on my bed he touched me again.
That time I started having PTSD. I was scared and realized what was happening instantly. I started digging into my pervious memories and images started popping up of when he was acting differently without the presence of my parents. I assumed the worst obviously.
I tell you, my friend said, he have his wife covered from head to toe all the time.
I had PTSD. I had trauma but I could not tell anyone. I couldn’t tell my cousins because then they would have raged a war.
I can still tell my parents but I don’t want to. When I asked her why? She replied, I have this freedom. I can go anywhere I want. I have friends who are guys. If I tell my parents they’ll be worried and they’ll doubt everyone. I will not have the same freedom again. I will be accused because I had tempted him. Everything for me will go down.

After my trauma, I started surfing on the internet. I started blaming myself. This fear, this trauma nested in my brain. I am not doing well in school now and no one knows why.
It hurts. It is painful.

This year, sitting in my room, I always have one eye out for him, to see If he is coming or not. I am scared all the time. I see his figure moving around in my house and it kills me. He is praised. All the time that he is here, everyone is running after him acting like his servants.

And the sad part is, my mother tells me not to sleep in the same room with my cousins, who I have always lived as brother and sisters. She tells me not to sleep around them and yet she trusts that guy completely.

This makes me feel powerless. This makes me feel like because I have a girl’s body, I cannot do anything. I am not strong enough. I feel as if I cannot survive out in the big world. I don’t think I can achieve my goals. I hate that Guy.
She ends her story with a quite sob.

All I can say is, there is definitely something wrong with us and our world. We deserve a place worse than hell.

-Naba Mehdi

3 thoughts on “WRONG!!

  1. Very tragic to hear! The worst part is that stuff like that happens a lot, so often it has almost become a normality. The thing is that it’s not normal, or at least it shouldn’t be.
    My thoughts are with your friend, and I hope she’ll one day find the strength to tell him to go to hell.

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