The Good Old Positivity.

The good old bright side of things. The positive vibes. Everybody wants to live like that. In a good and positive way.

Avoid negativity as much as possible. Negativity is taught as a bad omen. Not wanted. Even though everyone’s mind is invested with bundles of negativity. Yet, it leads to a bad life. An unhappy life.

I am a negative person. I don’t like the positivity and the brightness and all. The undying hope and promise of love. The rays of shining light at the tunnel.

There is a certain beauty in the dark. In the color black. It is beautiful for those who have eyes for it. I believe in hope, the first ever blog that I ever hope was the ray of dawn. Here it is”

I start my day with the hope that dawn brings. The first ray, that falls on my face when i open my eyes enlightens me with the face that i get, what i hope for, that i get to see what i love or what i left the previous day in hope it of making it today.

Life is unexpected. Just when i think i got it straight, it get tangled again and with the same force, strength, love and passion i get on to untangling it. Life is full of surprises and sorrows and hope and love and lots of shit.

The sun that rises everyday gives me the hope that i have made it through the previous day and i’m strong because i am still breathing in this skin and surrounded by this soul ensuring my life. And i am strong because i was given this life to live and i am making it work.

As the population is increasing, as the people are growing they are out-coming hope.

Hope is a dangerous four letter word, that to some mean the world and to some mean nothing. Some people fly through the day following hope and some crawl beneath it, yet unaware. It is responsible for millions smile that i get to see. But it is not to be blamed, for it is not hope that hurts us, it is people.

Yet, expectations and hope are quite different things, People take them as one. People always disappoint me but hope don’t, it’s what makes me living.

But then again, it is in the nature of a human being to leave and i live by the hope to see them again. But some people, hopeless people, let go, go crazy, and get on with their lives. Goodbyes are the hardest part of live.

My world has changed me and i have learned to choose and learned to say Goodbye. Because people always leave and all i do is hope of seeing them again.

As long as there is ray of dawn, there is Hope.

But hope is the not the positive vibes. Hope can emerge from the negative too. Hope is something else completely.

The positive vibes are good and so are the negative ones. We classified them. Made them good and bad.

People want to have positivity . I want negativity. And then make something good of it. I want to emerge postitivty out of negativity.

That is crazy. But i also want to do something different. Something of my own.

This is my something own.

Bringing light out of darkness. Bringing the good in the monsters. The good stories of the evils.

There is always the good side of the villain. The real stories of them. That is what attracts me.
Hence, I am that. The villain. The negative person. There is joy in depression in trying to find our way out of the darkness, but not hating at the same time. Trying to love it. Trying to love the peace and calmness and the fear of the unknown. The unknown that can be sitting just right behind us, without our knowing. That is what darkness can offer. Brightness can not do that. Brightness leads to the undying efforts for the happily ever after.

That is the power of negative vibes. They don’t necessarily have a bad impact on us.

Our brain is always running very fast at a unfathomable speed. Thoughts are entering and existing. They are only thoughts. The brains needs to be boundless, to be limitless, to perform at its peak. We put boundaries at it. Limit it. Try and block many things, that we judge not right.

Now that is okay, we need to judge somethings. Somethings of our own and own choosing but the thing is we need to ask why are we judging it to limit it. Because society and the people around us ask us too or because our conscience says so.

If the latter, than i am not to say nothing.

But i believe that brain is not be limited. We need to let it reach its Zeus. Let is conquer what it needs to.

The good and bad vibes in our brains do no harm. They are there. We are experiencing them, living things, different things. There is no harm in that.
Nor can the negative vibes can be stopped from entering our realms.
Our brains have needs, to wander, to think, to imagine. They have no control over us, just like we did not have control over our brains when we 13.

So yes, I have negative thoughts. I enjoy them. I like them.
And then, i search for something good in them.

If that makes me a bad person, a negative person, a villain.
Then so be it.

-Naba Mehdi.

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