Lionel Messi, a Legend.

The first footballer name I ever learned was Messi’s. Yes, because he is an all time favorite footballer of my time. Ronaldo doesn’t fall behind short. He is great too. He is incredible at tricks and Messi is just an old-fashioned dribbler.

There is a world in this world, a world of people who have achieved their dreams. They can’t be in the other world because they just don’t fit in. They are legends. We all feel like we don’t fit in places from time to time and that there must be some other world for me. We don’t belong to the other world, because we are not ready for the hard work and responsibilities.
People who have the guts to work hard and go for what they believe in, that is something to admire and to take inspiration from.
They belong to a superior world, where people who just sit and watch and wait for things to happen to them are not. We call it the fictional world because it is far away from our reach.

It has people like Leo Messi, in it.

He is a footballer but something more too. He is motivation and inspiration. He is an example that decent people can survive too and just do what feels right to them. He is an example that even with all the politics and discriminations and racism, people can find some meaning to their lives. That people can be who they really are.

He is like that. Leo Messi.
An interesting thing is he has retired from the national football. He is not dead. Most of us are talking as if he has died.

There has been something in the way he plays. He has brought a sort of magic to it. I remember watching Barcelona’s or Argentina’s match and when Messi has the ball and he running with it and the opposing teams 4 or 5 players surround him and run after him, and the shouting and cursing that we do seeing him, because they are cheating. He is one guy how on earth can he get away from all those people but he does, and our heart beats run a little faster with him because he just might make it. He just might goal.
Sometimes he does and Sometimes he does not.  Everyone has this. Its normal.

I like too assess people’s personalities. And I have watched Messi perform and how he is, the way he talks and the way he behaves. All of it just points to what an exemplary sophisticated person he really is.
Messi is a footballer, but he is more. There is a reason why everyone is going crazy about it, about the fact that he has retired, that he has given up.
He is someone who minds his own business. He gets on the field to play, to play his best. He is that decent. Anyone can see that. He does not wait around for chit chats. He just plays. Does what he is great at.
Our brains are motivation desperate, hungry beings. Interestinly we all want to be some famous persons. We are all looking for fame. And when we see someone like Messi, performing in the field, (it can be any field), we automatically want to be that person or be someone like that person. We all want to be like Messi.
He does that to people.

From my perception of Messi, he is an utmost decent guy. He had always stayed away from the politics, he loves what he does, he loves to play football, he plays because he wants to, for no one but himself, and maybe he is the best kind of selfish.
I want to be the kind of person Messi is.
That is what he is, an ideal, in all senses.

I stayed up all night to watch that Final. Yes, it hurt that he missed that penalty, but imagine yourself performing in such pressure and then to give a complete disaterous presentation, how do you feel about yourself? Does your mind let you rest? Does it give you peace?
No. There are so many voices in there in those moments, ready to tear you apart.
So I guess when the rest of the penalties shorts were being taken and Messi was standing away from his teammates, hands knocked in his shirt, I guess that is how he must be feeling.
Have some mercy, people.

My father used to tell me that the Brazilian people are football crazy. If Brazil were to lose any match, the footballer and the people would commit suicide.
This is how the football world is feeling right now, to see Messi retired.

You can’t rest easy when someone great breaks away from the world. There are people who believe that they don’t belong in this world. Their attributes of thoughts and lifestyles is just not unanimous with the rest of the world.

They can’t claim to it in the bright daylight because then follows a fuss that the rest of the people go to for creating label for that one singe soul.
That sort of people are becoming extinct now, there are only a few left.

Not everyone with the capability to think is that person because not everyone has the will to become who they are meant to be.

Those people, people like Messi, people who have become they are meant to be or wanted to be have a spiritual/mental connection between them. Doesn’t matter how scattered they maybe, when one of their people steps down from their position, the rest of them take a break from their dreams, lay down and grief and pass on their energies to the one stepping down, for he needs all the energy he can get  to conjure up the courage to step down. All of them put their hands together for the support of that one.
In my opinion that is somewhat humanity.

People all over the world are depressed because Messi has stepped down.  I have been depressed. I still am.  Because he is a great human being, he is supposed to do so much more, he is supposed to achieve so much more. He won’t.

I think he retired because of some football politics. He did not want to but he had to. He is a human being. He is like us. He is a legend. He is a champion.

He is an inspiration and motivation. Yes, he is a footballer, but he showed that if you truly want to do something, with a lot of hard work, you can get it done. You just need to know what it is that you to be.

He is like a teacher. He taught us all in a secret language that we understood in our hearts and minds, without any conscious knowledge. He has been teaching us a lesson, stay away from the grasps of the wild world. Be a star but be decent. Live a decent life. Do what you do best.

I have not met him. But I hope to, one day, when I am like him, a legend in whichever field I want to be, and then we will be of the same fictional worlds. He will be there, I hope, I will be too. I hope to meet him there.

Our hearts just does not want to accept it. Most of us don’t even know why it is that we are sad and depressed for his leave. We have attached our feelings and dream with him. Most of us, I can say this because I had been, running behind my dreams draining inspiration from him. He never wanted to have this much fame or thought of it. He just had it, with it also comes that pressure that we put on him.

Messi is beautiful. He plays beautiful. He is a beautiful human being. Let us hope that we all can be someone like him.

Yes, I am depressed because my teacher has stopped doing his magic and this just may be the stupidest thing you may have read about his stepping down. So be it.
I love Lionel Messi. I have pictured him decent and sophisticated and a magician. Nothing can change that.

I am a fan and I just wait to see you play for Barcelona.

Messi, football or not, you rule in our hearts.
Long may you reign.

-Naba Mehdi.










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