What do you want to read today?

What do you want to read today?

Let us have a decent totally imaginary chat.
Let me get into my psychopathically functioning mind and guess why you really are here.
You logged in here because you yourself are a writer and or you maybe shy and want to be able to write, or maybe you are just really depressed and want to leave your mind for sometime.

You maybe looking for inspiration to write something.
Lets make this a mind relaxation for whatever it is that you aim to go for the courage to do.

I am going to type up a short story.

Once upon a time, there was a human being. That human, wasn’t a man or a women rather it was both, it was the nature surrounding it. It was the air that was breathing.
It was stuck in an era where it did not belong. It felt like that so many times, as if it wasn’t meant for this world because no one seems have to understand it. It was mis-understood. No one could get a hold of its mind. It was utterly depressed. It cared for everyone and everything, yet no one acknowledged it. It has so many problems and it felt like no one else had that many. It thought that everyone else was happy being the humans they were.

It was going through a dark and dusty period. It felt as though it could no longer do it. It was feeling helpless and frustrated. It didn’t know what to do. It seldom had thoughts to give up, yet something inside of it kept it to push onwards and hold on to that last fading threat of hope. It clung to it.
It was desperate now, it had to do something, something to get out of its mind.
It thought for a long time for what to do. It tried seeking help from others but it knew that they could not help it. No one could help it. It was on its own.

It was sink or swim moment for it.
It thought and thought and fought its way out of the mind, out of the misery. It tired for so hard. It tried controlling its mind, consoling it.
It started believing in itself, finally. It was doing what it should have. It had faith and believe in itself. And so on and on, days like these, days when it constantly tried to keep faith in itself and kept loosing it, it finally learnt to control itself.

It was nowhere success, but finally it was on the right path. It finally did it. After years and months of hard work, it finally found its place.
And then it started living in the fleeting moments of happily ever after.

Yes man, you got it right. It was you! All along.

-Naba Mehdi.

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