The Story Behind a Door
Not a game of thrones reference. I know how much we are all afflicted by Hodor.

Hold The Door.
You don’t know when the biggest thing of your life will walk right through in from that open door.
There are so many doors out there in the world. I guess countless.
Different styles too. Some are half, broken, wasted. But they are door.

Behind every door there is a story that we do not know. Stories with different settings and tune but beautiful stories just the same.

We do not know what goes on behind the door. We walk pass through doors every day, every minute we decide to step out of our doors.

What is a door?
I think it is our shields we show to people, when someone asks us something about our choices, we put on our shields. The bigger the door the more strength it indicates.
No wonder the richest have the biggest doors and the poor have unstable doors, the doors on the brink of falling.

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind a door?

You walk pass by them hearing the shout for help, yet you do nothing.

We are a little like doors too. Our face can be a door. And we make them strong so no one can see what goes on behind the face.
The door is always laughing and seems so normal and perfect but inside the door there can always be a battle going on that we are never aware of because we just pass by lightly.

Our lives are stories. We are stories. We play the characters in our stories, but they are never really in our control. It is so chaotic in our world. Our tiny worlds that we do not let anyone see.
So we close our doors.
Close them to all that can offer vulnerability.

Does what happens behind any door happen behind every door?
I believe so.

There is always someone depressed. Someone who cares. Someone who does not care. Someone who can’t seems to fit in.
Someone and Someone and Someone.

What about houses that do not have doors? And what about the people who do not have any houses? Where can they produce a door from?
Ever wondered about them?
Yes, I am sure. When you were out enjoying with your friends and saw someone dragging on the ground with all his dignity, the thought might have crossed your mind then.
Never before. Never after.

Let me tell you that they have the same stories as we have. The same depth and the same pain. Just without any doors.

Let us not judge the houses by the doors, Shall we?

Hodor. Hold the door, for what’s about to come.
Because a door is red does not necessary means that it is bleeding.

Feel that there are stories behind the door. Let your imagination wander. Behind the door in 221b there was Sherlock or behind the vast door of Pemberley lived the amazing Mr. Darcy.

You never know, behind what door is what story.

-Naba Mehdi

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