Bon Voyage

Aye Aye,
To the biggest voyage of your life,
No one knows how long it will last,
But once you are in, 
It is one for all.

‘Bonjour,’ It said,
‘I am the universe,’
‘I am your constant companion through out the journey,’
‘For I know than most, among the most.’ 

Put on your seat belt,
Said the mother, 
And pushed for the hardest she could,
Thus began a journey to the ultimate end.

No life boats for you my love,
I fear you might try and escape,
In time when the necessity is to hurt people,
For you posses a soft heart,
But love, have no pain,
Because it will grow cold,
With the cold winter breeze.

Remember my kin,
You will learn the most important lesson on the journey,
But most important of all,
The ship is at your command,
You steer it for it has no place to go,
You might also need to take a few people aboard,
Because some people are poor than the others.

Your destination will be a garden,
Where you will park your body,
And lead your soul into infinity,
Yes, Yes, that dreamy world.

But how you get there is important too,
Close your eyes,
Breathe in, Breathe out,
For this is the most important task of all.

The garden, 
Has a stairway to heaven.

Along your journey, 
The experiences you have,
The lives you save,
The good you do,
The bad you do,
The purpose you find,
The dreams you reach,
The depth you fall in love with,
The respect you show yourself.
These all beautiful elements will combine,
Creating luminous shinning rays, 
That will strap you like a belt,
And on you will reach,
The stair your deserve. 

Thus on from that stair,
You work your way,
Up to your heaven,
Now, you don’t want to have to work much after that.

So, choose your crew rightly,
Measure all things highly,
For I love you mu child,
The universe and the Love. 

Farewell for now,
Bon Voyage, my child.

-Naba Mehdi

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