We come in this world alone. We die alone. They say we owe it ourselves to have a little company in between.

That is what companions are maybe. People to have some memories with. People to have in those moments between birth and death.

I am social, but I do not really like people. I sometimes find them annoying and prefer my own company, as did Sherlock. So I also have certain believes.

But first, what is a companion?

Companion in my opinion can be anyone or one’s who we share minutes with on the journey of life. Our friends and families. Neighbours and classmates, they are all our companion in different spots we sit at on the biggest journey that we are all experiencing.
Just like that, if someone is my companion, I am his companion too. We are all a ladder that we make with our bodies, one over the other and help each other out.

Our friends are our companions because with them we go to movies and play pranks at people. They are our partners in crime.

Families are companions because they support and understand us at each step of the way.

And then there is this other kind of companion. The love one. The one we date and if sticks around, then they are the ones we marry.
They become our companions for life. In happiness and sadness. In sickness and in health. The husband and wife companionship.

The beautiful companions. The beautiful life.

Fortunately, life is not only happiness but other things too.

I believe that yes we have companions and they help us through life but we also have this brain in where, loads of stuff is happening all the the same time. Too many emotions and sentiments are being registered.

So much stuff happens in our day.

A walk down the lane and we feel something towards someone.

Now, do we tell all this stuff to our companions.

Those who say yes to this. Yes, you try to but there is always so much to still leave behind.

It is just simply not possible to tell everything of what is going on in who you are 24/7.
Just not possible.

Because we can never tell everything. We are not manufactured this way.

We are all alone, loads of time. Even in the company of people.

So, yes companions are beautiful, they help and guide us. Nurture us with love and care. And we do the same to them in their time of need.

That is just how it works.

Yes, we are alone. Each and everyone of us. But we are not lonely. Some of us have to sleep alone in beds, but those with companions sleeping next to them also feel alone because the true extent of mind is not yet understood.

I think what we need to do is, cherish as many moments as we can with our companions. Let them be happy or for sad.

Because before the night comes, we will feel alone, one in those 24 hours.

That I can guarantee.

-Naba Mehdi.

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