The Short Span of a Life.

People who read my blogs, I am sorry, sometimes I write depressed, that is because I am constantly trying to know myself and understand myself. You know the inner-self, the motivational and inspirational being. I sometimes go in a place where nothing seems to be making any sense.

I try to know myself and be myself. Find my place in this world. A hard job really.

Why do we do anything in this world? Why are we living? Why are we consuming oxygen?

We can end our lives any second we want. Cut a vein and you are out. Simple as that. There is a reason that we do not do that. Not the fear aspect. Rather, we do not do that because we want to live.

Simple as that. How? Why?
We do not consider these questions.

We just lie around or do our jobs and live.
Is that why we want to live?
I guess, not.

So how does we on with that? I need to know. Because I can not seem to figure this one out.
There has been times when I have wanted to end my life. Could have. No fears. But I did not. Because, I realized I wanted to live. But what’s the point.

We die in the end. We have to.

What do we do with the short spans of our lives? Why have we been living it for all this time? It all vanishes. Everything.

Puffff … and it is somewhere in air, invisible far from our reach. Like these words or the 15 minutes I have spent writing it till here. Or the 2 minutes you have spent reading it.

Why were you reading it?
Why are you only realizing this now?

Why have you stopped?
Why did I just stop?

It is all so complicated and difficult and we all just ignore it. Pass by it without acknowledging it.

Why do I want to make animated short films this summer?
Why do I want to be a writer?

Why do I need a reason to live? How long can be this short span of life?

Why are there so many questions in this post?

Why? Why? Why? Why??

So many scaring Whys?

Let’s move on to the thing we need to do, it is a short span of life. WHY?

-Naba Mehdi.

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