Phenomenal Fear.

Fear is one of the most underrated philosophical thing in this universe, i guess. People do not like to talk about it. It’s like a taboo, don’t talk about it or it will be cursed upon you.

What is it with fear? Why is fear itself so much feared?
This is I guess one of the mysteries of human ignorance.

Fear is an imaginative being that is bigger then the monster that hides under the children’s bed or even bigger than the monster inside the head of some people.
Children, adults, young and everyone alike fear the idea of fear.

It has such deep roots, example, I am typing, my laptop is overheating. I could die or this article might not be good enough or someone might post something negative upon this. These are fears, these light and worthless fears are what people have invested upon them, in them, in their very hearts.

The novel Divergent was very good in a sense, they showed the overcoming of fear, Four was the hero who had only 4 fears and yet he wanted to overcome them.

Fear is something we all have yet we do not acknowledge them or like to talk about them. In movies  and seasons I have seen people have fear and somehow in their open communication they spill them or even if they do not, their friends or families sense the presence of fear and forces the topic.

I have not seen this happen here in our lives, no one talks about fear, its existence, the power and the motivation to beat fear, no, doesn’t happen in the real life.

In real life we do not talk about such stuff, we ignore it as if it does not even exist, as if no one has any fear and life is merry but all.
At least where I come from this happens. We do not talk about such stuff. We act as if they are all only figments of our imaginations.

This is fear.

And there is fearing.

Fearing I believe is far worst. It is an imaginative being we put a face on. It is not true, only in our heads, yet we are the victims of fearing that thing. That darkness in our mind.
We do not also talk about the the things we fear.

This phenomenon is very popular. Walking alone on the street is also a act of fearing. It crates fear, the present tense. The -ing. You walk alone on the street, you are fearing the dark.

It is also someone. the powerful one, the one holding something over your head. You are fearing that person.

It is not alone though, there is also scared and scaring and scary.
Scared is most vividly used.

I am scared to live this life.
I am scared to be someone because it has been fit in my mind, that I can not do anything on my own or live on my own.

So, now I fear it. I am scared of the future. I am not alone in this. Almost everyone in my place, in my age, goes through the same.


Why is future not looked for happily.
Why are there so many scary things, that are not things at all.

Then comes, feared.

To fear someone.

As I am constanly muttering this word to myself, it is starting to have little power over me.

Feared, is the highest authority, the biggest monster. We can not stop it. We can not tame it. We can beat it.

But we do not.
Because for the most time, we pretend that it does not exist. We deny it its existence. We are not feared. The powerful is. None of is powerful, really. We think someone with a gun is, but he is not. That gun is powerful, that gun is to be feared.

Most of the depresssions are a cause of fear. We have so many fear. We fear ourselves and all the outer forces of the world, that we loose ourselves completely. We become nothing but what we fear. We become our fear because they are constanly in out minds. Pincing us. Punching us. Screaming at us.

And we do nothing about them.

That is a problem. The inner war, we fight is with our fears.

We need to stop it.

Fear is nothing. Only a fictional psychological being, that can be beaten.

It is painful and sad, that I am fearing my future. That I fear my life. That I am scared of it. I may beat it.
But it’s birth, its presence, is the biggest shame of all.
For everyone.

-Naba Mehdi

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