The World Out There.


The world out there is huge,
Huge and immense,
With lots of things to be and become,
And here I am,
A torn soul,
A torn mind,
A torn body,
I am torn and jumbled.

For every person a Profession to be,
A duty to obey,
Somebody to be,
Not for me,
I am torn for I want to inherit this world,
Dig out the mines,
And let history teach me its lesson,
I want the universe,
To shout It’s Legacy to me,
I want the air,
To blush me with its perseverance,
I want the writers,
To write a word for every blood spilled,
I am a gambled mind,
Linked from here to there,
For when I die,
I want the sand Consuming me,
Echo Of the Things I have been,
And the lives that I have saved,
Let out a breath with your eyes closed,
For remember, when I die,
Blow the sand with your sweet sweet mouth,
That is then a part of me,
So I may evolve as a piece in the Universe
Reuniting with my kin,
Aye, Remember.

-Naba Mehdi.

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