Perfection is a deception, that is what they have taught us. Always, do not ever try to achieve perfection.

We humans are complicated. It is not just one word for us. We desperately try and look for ourselves in people and places and words. We do not take things or look for them in complete quality rather we just need a glimmer, just a tiny spec of our reflection in the very corner of something and we almost immediately attract ourselves to it.

That reflection at the edge of something can become our identity, for so long that we loose track of what it was in the beginning.

That Is how perfection works for us, I believe. Perfection can be closely linked to achievement and hard work and being someone. Trying to make a life out of ourselves. Overcoming our fear.

Because we never see the whole picture, never want to step out of the bounds, see our complete selves in the mirror, we never go for anything bigger than ourselves.

I ask you, why can someone not be perfect?

Why is it said that perfection can not be achieved?

Why does everyone need to bash down everything creative and all the confidence so deep in the flesh of our souls, that it is never recovered again.

Do it with yourself but why with others?

Why let others despair in the same failures that you did?

Nobody goes for perfection, because it is believed never to be achieved by the people who failed.

Because they failed, why would everyone else too?

I am doing this course in story advertising. And it requires of me to make an ad about something, anything I want.
Yes. I want to. Makes me smile at the idea alone, but what else?

I am 17, should I be making it? How can I? I should not have the Confidence to make it because people have hammered it down like a nail.

Now, I do not care what people say but it will be presented to people. They will judge me.

I am kid with ideas and Perspective. The need of wanting to Be perfect or at least believe in its prospect.

But no, I should not be a septic. I should do what people before me have done. I should not make an Ad, no matter how Much chills it gives up. The thrills Donโ€™t matter. Nothing matters.

Only, that none of us can and will ever be perfect.

If we do somehow become something in our definition of perfect, we will never be accepted by the society.
Now, won’t that be a shame??

-Naba Mehdi

13 thoughts on “Perfection.

  1. True, we can’t be perfect all three time. Nicely written… Shame? We don’t need to ashamed of life we choose:D


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