At the road in the far eastern side,
she wandered around aimlessly,
Numbing her heart and her mind,
She fell atop on a stone.

That is what people look for now,
Depressed, she fumbled up there,
For she was free and not free.
She was free to what she wants,
Yet, she was aimless at what she wanted.
What she was, was painful,
And the people around Her were not,
They were all happy and merry,
Even in their Aimless states,
Which worried her above of all.
How could people be?
How could people be, so aimless,
Aimless at what they want,
For what they need,
Trashing away all the things they are.
She looked upon the sky,
There were paths she wanted to be at,
But they were too many for her to be at,
She Stood up atop the wall,
And said,
I am all these things,
And the things that make the universe.
I will not go by aimlessly,
For I have a verse to contribute to the world,
And Thus, she was not So aimless so more.

-Naba Mehdi

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