Mere Illusion.

We like to live in Illusions. The eyes, the real eyes, the actual seeing, we do not do that. Maybe we did that once, long ago, maybe we were true and did what was real, thought what was real but along the way, we stopped and we lost it. We forgot that something like that existed. And for us, we do not like to talk about some matters that we judge not appropriate, however necessary and true they may seem.

I think, this is because, they pose a threat to our repudiated existence. That matter – is maybe like a leave falling on a rainy day. Something out of the blue. Something different.

Different is not good, Or so I have been taught. You are not different, no matter what you think, is what I am seldom yelled for.

Fear, maybe?


I find fear interesting, but that is not the topic. Fear eats up people. Feed on them. Fear acts a nightmare. The fear to fall out of the good books of society. The fear to be starred at for being different.

How is somebody not different? A person has perfect lips and the other has defected lips. Are they not different?

The defected lips does get starred at, after all.

That Is why I guess, New ideas are not appreciated. Not progressed. Not talked about.

Blood relation.

That is what we call family. We are taught to love our families and respect them. Separate families. Together.

What makes us so sure that they are blood relation?

Leave even that,
How is blood so trustworthy? How do you know someone is your of your blood?
Most people faint at the sight of blood!

From what I have read, blood is of red color. It consitiuted of millions (I think), of red blood cells. We focus on the exterior, on the exterior, blood is red. All blood is red. The only type of blood that is white, is the one we use for phrases.

How do you know someone is your relation?
Do you first ask them for their blood sample?

Completely absurd, I think. Utterly stupid. A definite ignorant way of living life. Living in illusion.

But. Yes, but, we do not admit that the way we are living is wrong. Or that the most basic ideas that we live around, can be dumbfounded. This is also not something, we like to talk about.

It is a question, to family and ourselves, our brains, our ancestors?

And if we question someone, then in some hidden way we are disrespecting them.

So, How do we know that blood is trustworthy? How do we know? What have we done to prove it?

I’ll tell you; nothing.

Most of our lives, we do not know what we are doing. Most of us do not know what we want.

We, people, are living in the most ignorant way possible. From the basics, we are wrong.

Each and every one of us is alive due to the circulation of the blood within our bodies. That same red, blood.

We are not scientists or something in the biological field. Most of us are simple people, who do not what DNA is or I do not even know my blood type. Yet, I have blood relation. I love them. Why? Because I know them for 18 years.

I know them. I am taught to trust them. Drink in the same glass as them.

What are they?
• Flesh, made of sand.
• Pounds of meat.
• Bones.
• Blood.

Aren’t, we all made of this?

That means, I think, that everyone deserves a chance to prove their trust. From the person who begs for money to feed their children and our maid and the person we cross walking on the pavement to our grandparents.
Everyone should always be given a chance.

We are all blood relation.

This illusion, this hypocrisy needs to stop.
We need to stop living in ignorance. Let’s start talking about stuff like this a little. Let’s claim to be a little something like human.

-Naba Mehdi

2 thoughts on “Mere Illusion.

  1. However hard we may try
    Half of the world
    Will leave behind those filters and illusions
    It’s just the way humans function

    It’s good you speak about such things
    I wonder what will happen if everyone starts seeing clearly?

    Also I wonder what if someday we serve absolutely honesty and justice will the world be able to take it ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The world, that day, I believe will rejoice. Though it can never really happen.
      You see, what I just said, I said, ‘ it can never happen.’
      Here is the fault. It’s deeprooted in the hard drive, the chaos and everything.
      It can happen. And it will be beautiful when it does.
      We will be using our brains just a little more, if we see things clearly.


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