Struggling, Suffering and Happiness.

Struggling, Suffering and Happiness.We humans, we like to associate ourselves with the merry words. With the words that indicate joy and laughs. We want to surround ourselves with happiness and positive vibes. The stuff of dreams. We have beliefs like everyone is or can be happy or happiness is in the air within our grasps and that once we grasp it we will never have to face any sorrows.

We like only to be associated to these words.

There are words like that of suffering and pain and depression. The negative words, as we call them. We never want to be associated to them. We never acknowledge them. We have only one belief about them.

They are bad. Stay away from them and no matter what, Do not talk about them.

It’s the words that we are putting in dark and bright colored boxes, right. So let’s label the boxes.

Then the words human and people are also just as different as suffering and Laughing are.

If I say the word human here, then suddenly in my mind it indicates the good one. Innocent. Fragile. Innovative. Creative. Wanderers. True. Loyal. Creation. One big clean surrounding.  Passionate.
These are the words that come to my mind.

If I say the word people. Fake. Liars. Robotic. Money driven. Power driven. Stupid. Aliens. The bad guy strong. Greedy. Lost.
These are the words that come to my mind.

See the difference. We were differentiating. We have always been doing this. About that and this. This company water and that company water. Black and white. Everything. We can even differentiate between every and thing. This is how far we can fall.

I have a little experience of being a psychiatrist too, so I have seen what people are. Yesterday, I realized, just how much I am alike those people. The people. The vulnerable, full of feeling people.
That is how I believe Human and People are. People are the close view and Humans are the view from a satellite.

The above text was like apparatus in a chemical reaction.

Lets head to the point.

My point is,
we think that happiness is divine and there is some magical way in which we can attain happiness. And that everyone around us is emerged in happiness and we alone are the one who are suffering. We alone have enormous amount of problem. Another problem, I think with People is that if someone ever tries to understand the other persons problem and want to help them overcome their sufferings then the immediate response of that person is that his sufferings are so great in intensity that can not and never be understood.

We are stupid people and in our desperate ignorance, we ignore the beautiful charm of suffering hanging upon our heads. Suffering is a form of art. Suffering is a beauty in itself.

I am not going to say anything like, people all around have problems or you will not appreciate the good things if you have not suffered enough.
People who said that were suffering in the wrong generation.
I will introduce something new.
You are sitting with your friends in a café. Everyone is telling they have done this and that. Someone is saying they have been through this and that. And then suddenly someone says they have suffered this.
You don’t say this out loud but deep down you feel how strong they must have been too suffered something like this and have survived. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To survive. To be a survivor.
Survivors are only achieved when they have suffered something.

Suffering or happiness, none of them are permanent. They are like seasons. One is there and then the other. They are experiences that we need to collect.

Because, the actual race of life is about how has the most number off experiences.

Now, I got the email from daily post and I thought the word was Suffering and not struggle. Sorry peeps. Let me draw the dots for struggle and suffering.

Struggle is a header. There are two paths for it. Suffering and Happiness.

You want to do something. You have some aim. You are desperate for it. But you know that it is bigger than you. That it is hard work. You do it still because you are that desperate.

That struggle to achieve that something can only ever end in two ways.
You do it, you achieved your dream. You have never been happier in your life.
You don’t do it. You fail. There is disappointment. And anger at oneself. And then comes the suffering to push you forward to try again. Nothing worse than that. Nothing more that can make you strong.

The struggle is the first step but I promise you, in the end there is both Suffering and Happiness. Both within our grasps.
Another thing, I Promise you, everyone around you is struggling to be better than they are. Everyone is struggling to be above. If they seem happy, then they are taking a break from their struggle and laughing at themselves. If they seem sad, then they are suffering.

It is always this.

-Naba Mehdi

4 thoughts on “Struggling, Suffering and Happiness.

  1. In my opinion, Happiness and sadness are not pre-existent. They are both built on several factors, thus why we define happiness and sadness differently from one person to another.

    Interesting article.

    Liked by 1 person

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