Within Seconds.

Being from a Muslim country and a Muslim family I don’t think i will be much appreciated if I come out open and confess that I support Gay marriages. I think for my family it will be just as me coming out a gay. Un-acceptable.

Unfortunately for them, I am a rebel.

I stand and support Gay marriages. It’s love that has to win in the end. It is that simple.

Something else that is simple is life. A bullet pierces through someone’s body and they are no more.

Within moments, a tear in the body and everything else falls with it.

Humanity comes first. It comes ahead of Religion (most importantly), ahead of race, creed, color and ahead of almost anything that is of this world.

There is nothing more important than human life. Isn’t it, that every-day is beautiful to save human lives.

Killing and blast are common in Pakistan. Almost every-day there are news of several death anywhere in the country. The media, tells us about it. Every news channel covers that coverage. There are headlines and breaking news regarding that incident. People cry and mourn those dead.

Almost every time I hear the words, ‘What must it be like for the victim’s family?’ As if they sympathies with their families, feel them as their own.

So, what changes when people in non-Muslim countries die?

Is not the color of their blood red?
Do they not breathe with the same air?
Do they not have families mourning for them?

A few months ago, there was this shouting in Paris. People died.

I got to know of that incident two days later. I was switching between channels when I stopped on BBC and there it was. Humanity slaughtered.

I lost my temper.

Were those lives lost not big enough for our news channels and newspapers to print about?

And if they really were not, then why do all the people criticize and curse the people abroad for not having any sympathy for them.

Just the same, today not anywhere have I heard or seen the tragic deaths of the Gay community being mourned.


Because they were Gay?

Because they had the courage to come out to their friends and families and went out to that bar to celebrate their courage.

They did not choose to be Gay.

Just like most of us did not choose our Religions and none of us chose our colors or our families or the people we fall in love with and for some of us the people we marry.

None of these choices are our choices.

What we can choose however is who to mourn for and who to stand by with

Just because they differ from us in anyway does not make them wrong. They do what they do with self-satisfaction just like we do. We have not been given any right by any authority to judge anyone.

I do not know what death feels like but I once saw myself die in a dream. I was shot in the head.

That was immensely dreadful. I had that dream years ago but for some reason, I cannot shake that terror that ran through my body that day nor has it changed today.

A bullet pierced through my skull, burning it with such a force and so simply that it was like a cigarette making a hole in a paper.
It happened within seconds, but when you know that you might be living your final moments then somehow you start feeling time, you can feel the seconds that pass you by.
Next in its motion, the bullet pierced through the meat of my brain. Imagine feeling like that, feeling the realization that all your life, all you thought about the brain and how much you use it and the connections and the cells and everything you thought there was, is in fact nothing but a disconcerted piece of meat.
Now imagine, drilling a hole in your head, in the very middle, swiftly, run any of your finger in that hole, in your brain and before you know it, the finger is out on the other side.
I remember this and then falling down on the ground, feeling so helpless and wanting to shout for help but you know it, it won’t matter, even if you manage to shout, there is nothing more.

That is helplessness.

Think, how helpless the people in that bar may have felt. When a guy with a gun barges in and suddenly all at once so many hearts sinks to the bottom, because it is over for them.

That is how close I got to death. So death affects me. A lot.

Within moments you can be gone. You can be a something in oblivion. Within seconds.

Human life is precious and fragile.

People think that their heart makes them fragile when in fact they are fragile with their bodies too.

Gay or not. Muslim or not. White or not. Asian or not. Yours or not. Human and yes.
I stand with humans. I stand with humanity, even if that makes me a gay supporter.


-Naba Mehdi

7 thoughts on “Within Seconds.

  1. Very well said Naba and every aspect of it speaks to the reality of life.
    The judgement, the truth and all the fair things world talks about is biased, when the youth like you talk about an unbiased world and the compassion for fellow humans as just humans, that will be a quite a world to see. It is on us how we take it. We must accept our fellow humans as the way they their and their choices are.

    Wonderful post. Keep going, I am sure you will knock similar ones ! Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

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