Standing atop the wall.

There is a wall that he has built around himself,
standing a solemn brother of night’s watch atop it,
making me a wildling women,
and him the bastard of winterfell,
I stood Ygritte,
thinking, my love would strip away the black of him,
but he was Jon snow,
and  I knew nothing,
stood we up, atop the wall,
whispering promises of love in each ear,
expanding out ball to the five years time,
drew up together,
forever and forever,
the kingdoms behind us,
the north in front,
but nothing like the scent of foreign hunt,
they had been separated,
yet, profound again,
she is his and he is hers,
but soon the sun,
blew him black,
he did not admit it,
until two days later, he went for black,
the love story belonged to Ygritte and Snow,
but there are others like them,
me and him,
he and she,
him and her,
they and them,
Ygritte and Snow posses us all,
standing atop, at the wall.

-Naba Mehdi.

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