Control of the mind.

Are you in control of your mind, or is it in control of you?? 

Us human beings are extremely dependent No matter how much we claim the words of being independent, we never fully grasp up to it.

What are we if not out minds.

Lets consider a scenario:
You are siting watching a movie or reading a book. At the same time you also have a bowl of cereal with you. Now all your attention is at that movie or book and unconsciously you are eating that bowl.
You did not tell yourself to do so. You only had a bowl in your hands.
You did not tell yourself (as you are your mind), to take even the first step towards eating that.
Your brain put together the information –
a bowl full of food.
stationary at a place.
Without any command it just did what it thought best.

Another scenario:
You are quarreling with someone. He seems to be going to the extents to annoy you. You feel annoyed and suddenly you slap him.
After the slap has taken place you realize what you have done. It is only after the moments of your hands you think of them and decide if that was infact the right choice or not.

So, who is in control? You are your mind. Does your mind have a life of itself?
The logical explanations for both the scenarios is the function of brain. But we are not talking about the brain.
In daily life routine, we do not consider brain,we consider mind (the subjective being).

For me, I think it might just be my mind in control of me. It knows better than me, after all. It might just be the case with us all, I think.

It applies in daily life too. We are tired and lazy. Fighting through everyday lives and at the end of the day, we are so tired that we do not take charge of our minds, rather we let them be. We know deep down they are a tough job. Being in charge of them is a hard job and a full time too. And when does anyone says yes to hard work?

Our minds on the other hand, they know his truth true. They know the true nature of their bodies and so they hold the reins but offer them to us when we think about it.Sadly, we see these reins and steps backwards,shaking our heads. Such a hard burden it would be to take charge of our minds too.

It’s funny, how I thought of it.
I was trying to get that mind palace technique. I was following through steps and trying to imagine what my storage place would look like. I was trying but not really. The voice in me was telling me to drop it because it was hard work.
I tried to do but failed. Then it hit me, I need to be in charge to get this done. I need to own my mind. To be the king of my realms. I can’t make a palace in a place I am to lazy to take charge of. It’s tiresome and I have yet not done it.Yet not taken charge of my mind because I feel it to be a huge responsibility.
And I am lazy.

-Naba Mehdi.

6 thoughts on “Control of the mind.

  1. Even when you have surpassed building all the rooms, chambers, the racks, the files, the pipes, the chandeliers, the colors and so on, at the end of the completion you will know something interesting, I will let you figure that out.

    But even if you are lazy, you are already in this so nothing is gonna stop you now from appreciating how your mind words in every single thing you see. At times there will be multitude of thoughts and you will be so damn confused about which one is yours or which one weighs over the other or which one you want to adapt. Well everything else from here on is going to be perplexed. Welcome to the world of Matrix !

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      1. I bound to be. I would want to cease out, but you see there are multitude of thoughts even there and it gets damn confusing as to what to do.

        I tend to take a breath and swim in the swimming pool in one of those chambers. Helps more.

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      2. well, its like a one big kingdom and us all are warden’s of our sides.We are all part of one, yet us all are fighting to have hold of our parts.


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