Tea Cups.

I do not know about the world but from where I am and what I observe very frequently is something not fair.

You see, I am the eldest daughter of my house. So, traditionally it is my obligation to help my mother in her household duties. Now, I don’t have any opposition to that,  I can do it, my only problem is why aren’t your sons supposed to do the dishes and only daughter.

But that is not what I am talking about in my blog tonight.

It happens, whenever someone come by our place, we serve them. Happens everywhere.
In my house, today, some carpenters came by, they had to do some work. They did work for our house, which we ought to have done but rather we had them do it. Anyway, i made tea for them, having never met them before, I asked my mum to ask them of the amount of sugar they’d like? Instead of asking them she just said, make it one and a half. How did she know? She’s never met them before either.

Another scenario is, some guests come by, I make tea for them, I ask my mum for the amount of sugar in their tea, now instead of telling me herself, she asks them all, politely, the kid my age or her father or her mother.

Why did she ask them and not the carpenters. She’s never met any of the parties before, How come she judge any of them without knowing anything about them in the first place.
Hoe come she trust one party and not the other.

It’s all about the respect. How did she know that the carpenters weren’t worth the respect that she gave the other guests and guests were the guests worthy of the respect?

Because the guests were rich and had a place in society? What if they got it by all the wrong means?
And what if those carpenters had a difficult life and did their best but all they could get was true means of hard-work and earnings.

And then she says, she’s a fair person. That at least she gave tea to them.
I am not disrespecting my mother. All the mothers does it. I bet fathers would too if they were in-charge of the kitchens.

That is not justice by any place. That is discrimination.

And if we can do it on such a small level and then we think about how much we do it on bigger levels?

They are just small things, passing us by in our daily lives, going unnoticed.

-Naba Mehdi

2 thoughts on “Tea Cups.

  1. And you are noticing them very vividly.
    Do you know of a man name Socrates? You will love the book – The Republic.
    Well you don’t need to read, since I see you already have it in you.

    Cheers to the spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

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