A Book Of Short Stories.

The analogy goes, Life is a book and each day is new chapter or a new page.
I agree to disagree. Life maybe a book but in books, (this analogy is mostly applied to novels), each begin of a chapter or the page, moves on a certain story forward. Their is some specific story that moves on, taking the characters to the next stage of their lives.

Our lives are not like that.

Each day when we wake up. We don’t begin with where we left from the previous day, rather, we make up our minds once again, we make them run at the same pace, we set our clocks, because what we had in minds the previous day is now gone, dissolved into stardust. We have to set them again taking enormous amount of time to set them to the task we left the previous day.

So, it’s more like a book of short stories. Our lives are a series of short stories. Each day is not a chapter or a new page rather the beginning of a new story. Same characters, same author, different adventures.
Like that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock is a series of short stories. His cases, numerous in amount. They are round about 66.
This means, that Sir Arthur, in his life time, wrote to us about 66 days of his life time. More than most people can put down. I am sure too that he would even have more in that brilliant mind of his to write down for us but life happened to him.

Life is a complete book,  A book of short stories. Each day is a new story.

Now, I know most people don’t like the sound of short stories. I don’t too.
Lets think of something else to define it by but in the mean time, lets all complete our short stories and not leave them to be completed in the morrow, because then it never is completed..

-Naba Mehdi

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