It’s really amazing how writers can take a word and give it meaning in more depth than anyone thinks possible.
And it doesn’t even end there. Once it’s set on that path, its inevitable for it to ever fail. It goes on and on, that same word, used again again with more love each time.

When those who write it, scribble it on the page, tears start rising up in their eyes, their blood stops flowing for a milli second, to admire those words scribbled. That’s the satisfaction, they feel inside their hearts. A Which settled on their hearts when they took the pens in their hearts, slowly evaporating bowing to them for their justice, to be replaced by a new sort of weight. And that weight doesn’t seem to be a weight at all because of the overflowing rushing of adrenaline up and down their spines.

That what the writers feel.
The readers feel something familiar too.

When in moments of their characters get together under one roof, with in inches of each other. The heart start beating a little faster than usual. They start reading the words a little faster too, in search of some drop of love or hope shadowed by the characters. That hope is for them really, to nurture their own love that they keep hidden under these layers of blood and skin for someone like they are reading.
And suddenly. It happens. Their eyes fall on that word, they’d be looking for all that woken night. When they should have been asleep but were rather developing darkness underneath their eyes for just that 6 letters combined together.

Always. It Always, happens. And maybe that’s what love Always requires too.

Always, right? Rings a bell??
It should too.

When Dumbledore asked,
After all this time?
Always, he whispered.

Or when,
Katniss asked Peeta,
Stay with me?
Always, he replied.

And that time too,
When Nathan and Haley made their wedding vows,
Always and forever.

Feel your hearts racing all these times?? Either hearing them in others voice or reading them in yours.
Your heart wanders from the grasps of your mind. Where everything is happy and hopeful. Where there is no air, rather love. When you feel hope for yourself. That maybe  love is what always remains, even when we desiccate.
That’s what always rings in your ears. Making you hear your heartbeat in your ears and shining your eyes with water.

At least, I feel this. When Shape says, always or Peeta replies, always.
And then there is this. We ourselves made this word reach our zeal. With feel for this like this and use it like this.

Makes me feel alive, always.

-Naba Mehdi

Naba Mehdi

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